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Becoming a Security Guard

Security guards are people that are hired to monitor or patrol a specified area in order to prevent a multitude of illegal activities.


You may be asking yourself what it is exactly that a security guard does. Security guards are people that are hired to monitor or patrol a specified area in order to prevent a multitude of illegal activities. These activities could range from theft or violence to illegal entry or vandalism. Security guards usually accomplish this task by either patrolling manually or monitoring the area with cameras. They may also be required to interview witnesses of a crime, detain criminals, and submit written reports about their patrol.


Some of the more important skills required for security guards include the following:

• Active listening – Being able to give full attention to what others are saying, fully comprehending points being made, and asking appropriate questions.
• Social perceptiveness – Understanding a person’s actions and the reasoning behind them.
• Communication – Being able to effectively convey thoughts through both speaking and writing.
• Critical thinking – Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various solutions to a problem and effectively choosing the best method.
• Keen observation – Closely monitoring people as they enter and exit the specified area.

Working Conditions

Security guards may work in a variety of places, such as office buildings, retail stores, casinos and much more. They may be required to spend a significant amount of time on their feet, as they are either constantly patrolling or watching over an assigned post. Working hours can range from part-time to 8 hour shifts or more depending on the needs of the employer. Many security guards are also required to be on call for any emergency situations.


To become a security guard you must be at least 18 years of age. Security guards must undergo a criminal history background check and drug test to be accepted. It is also usually required to complete formal training for a short period beforehand. The depth of training required may vary depending on the needs of the employer.

Importance of Hiring a Security Guard

There are many reasons for keeping security guards around. One of the most important reasons is to give both you and your customers a feeling of safety. Many times when multiple businesses offer similar products or services, a differentiating factor can be the feeling that a customer gets when they enter your building. This offers a unique way of competing with similar companies that could potentially result in more recurring customers. The simple act of having guards patrolling the premises also serves as a huge deterrent against crime. It’s much more risky for thieves or other criminals to lurk around while you have hired protection that is trained in spotting suspicious activity monitoring the area. Whether they’re being used to keep your business safe or your customers happy, security guards prove to be a valuable asset for any company.

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Author: April Hernandez