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Do you have a problem with your employer?

What can an employee do if they believe they are being treated unlawfully by their employer?

Author: D McFadzean, ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan
How to Improve SEO Ranking

The factors to consider when optimizing a website

Author: Mathew Fish
4 Reasons That May Account for Bad Breath

Reasons why you may have bad breath and what you can do about it.

Author: Andrew Jeffrey
What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, starts with plaque accumulating in the gap between the tooth and gum.

Author: Andrew Jeffrey
What Are The Benefits of Stair Climbers and Steppers?

The unknown benefits of stair climbers and steppers.

Author: William Kirkpatrick
The Future of the UK Energy Market

Energy drives everything in modern life. It is key to modern productivity, economic growth and our very standard of living. This is why changes in the energy sector impact everyone and every facet of life. Yet the energy sector is experiencing a number of changes. Some of these are driven by consumer demands, others by sustainability needs, shifting energy sources and increasing regulation. Let’s look at the future of the UK energy market.

Author: Carol Trehearn
Unique Date Ideas

Dinner and movie dates can get tiresome when you are newly dating. Here is a list of 30 unique date ideas to keep the romance alive.

Author: Julia McCurley
Fire and Smoke Alarms to Be Mandatory in ALL Homes in Scotland

Find out how the latest changes to the law in Scotland, regarding fire and smoke alarms, will affect you.

Author: Steven Wright
5 reasons to Love a Kitchen Island

Find out why kitchen islands are so popular at the moment and how they can really improve the functionality of your kitchen.

Author: Ian Ross
Black Box Testing vs White Box Testing

What are the differences between black box testing and white box testing? Find out the answers in this article.

Author: QAwerk
What Questions Should I Ask a Web Design Company?

If you need a new website here are 11 questions you need to ask your web design company.

Author: Data Computer Services

What is in a Home Report exactly? This article will tell you what you need to know.

Author: Andrew MacKenzie
Real estate in Ibiza

CW Group your competent partner for exclusive houses in Ibiza. We specialize in mediation and advice in the purchase and sale of villas and apartments in the most renowned locations on the island.

Author: Christian Wolf
6 Things You Need To Know About Buying a Home in Scotland

Two of ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan's conveyancing solicitors offer expert advice about buying a home in Scotland.

Author: ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan
5 Reasons To Hire A Magician For Trade Shows & Business Expos

Make your business & product stand out at the next trade show!

Author: Nathan Fearon - Blaze Magic
5 canapés menus for summer parties

Few foods are better suited to summer parties than a good selection of fine cold and dessert canapés. We have selected five between the most rating summer canapés in London.

Author: Michael Glennon
Best UK web host for Wordpress websites 2019

My search for the perfect UK web host for wordpress websites. My experience with UK web hosts, what to look out for and my top recommendation.

Author: Lewis Wallis
Are F1 Hybrid Savannah Cats Suitable as Pets?

Some years back, I received a surprise donation from a client’s family, an F2 Savannah cat named Kimbu. Here are some notes from my research on Savannah cats and personal experiences with Kimbu.

Author: Dr. Elyse Kent from Elite Veterinary Care
How To Keep Your Home Safe While On Holiday

Do you think about the security of your home when you go on holiday? Here are Safe Simple Secure's top 10 tips for keeping your home safe when you are away.

Author: K McMorris, Safe Simple Secure Ltd
Digital Marketing 101

There has been a lot of buzz about digital marketing for at least the past decade or so. While the concept of digital marketing is fairly straightforward, there is quite a lot of jargon and different terms associated with it that may be overwhelming for a complete beginner to learn. We’ll try and make it easier to understand. Read on for a basic starter guide to digital marketing.

Author: Rory Davids
How to Market Your Business on a Budget

Want to market your business online but have a limited budget? These tips will help you do so.

Author: Cormac Reynolds
7 Tips for Women Looking to Advance Their Careers

If you're a woman looking to advance your career, here are six actionable tips that will lead you in the right direction.

Author: Cormac Reynolds
8 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Join The fitandhappy Boot Camp For Women

Do you think a boot camp is not for you? Maybe you think you aren't fit enough or it is just for men. Think again! Here is why we think all women should join one of our boot camps.

Author: Julia McCabe
Why Every Adult Should Write A Will

We never know what is going to happen in our lives but by having a Will you have the comfort in knowing that if the worst happens those closest to you will be taken care of.

Author: J Fergusson
Should I Convert My Flat Garage Roof to a Pitched One?

If you have an old leaky flat garage roof you may be thinking about replacing it with a new pitched one. We investigate if this is the right thing to do.

Author: Paul McLean

If you buy second hand equipment you probably don't expect to buy nearly new well known brands. But you can actually do so at Pinnacle Fitness.

Author: Will Kirkpatrick
Why You Should Work in a Coworking Space

Rapid advances in technology and communications has changed the way we do business, and telecommuting has become a common work arrangement for many companies. With the rise of telecommuting is the increase of coworking spaces. How do you know if working in a coworking space is for you? Here are a few points to consider.

Author: Rocky Walker
5 Must-Haves When Starting a Laundry Business

If you think that 2019 is finally the year that you should start your entry in the world of business, one idea that can prove to be promising is a laundry shop. However, to get started, there are some essentials, including those that are briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.

Author: Alesha Blackwell
Advantages of Dual Monitors in the Workplace

Find out why switching to two monitors instead of one can really improve performance and productivity in the workplace.

Author: Data Computer Services
Why Do I Need an Architect to Design a Home Extension?

Explaining the purpose and benefits of using an architect to design your home extension.

Author: Ian Jameson

When you want your gym to offer a high quality service to your customers, there are two essentials. Well qualified staff and safe, reliable equipment. We’ll leave the staffing to you, but what about your equipment? Buying from new can involve a significant outlay, whether you’re a new business or needing to replace your existing equipment. The last thing you want is to limit the range of gym equipment you have available. You may be reluctant to buy second hand.

Author: Will Kirkpatrick

Starting a new gym is daunting and the outlay in gym equipment will be great. So that's why we recommend buying second hand gym equipment to start your gym off.

Author: Will Kirkpatrick
How to Make Your Brand New Kitchen Extra Special

Choosing the right finishing touches and special features is essential when designing a brand new kitchen. Here are some of our top tips.

Author: Ian Ross
Furniture Disposal & Recycling

Can Your Old Furniture Be Recycled ?

Author: Stuart Ratler
Wedding Photography pricing

Wedding photographer prices can vary depending on many factors including your wedding’s location (photographers in big cities tend to cost more than in other areas), the type of services and packages you’re looking for, and your chosen photographer’s experience and level of expertise

Author: Chris Mullane
Locksmith Tips for Landlords

If you are a landlord it is your responsibility to keep your tenants and their belongings safe.

Author: Richard Hamilton
Benefits of Virtual Tours for Attracting New Tenants

Find out why landlords should always choose a letting agent that can offer 360⁰ virtual tours.

Author: Jack Gallagher
How To Make Your Learning Unforgettable

It is really very important to have a good memory and to remember all the things you learn for a long time. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember the things for a long time.

Author: Faisal Khan, Founder and owner at
House Moving Guide

A short guide on selecting a professional removals company

Author: Zoe Leonard, Owner Removals Hull
5 Myths About Electricians You Probably Still Believe

Some of the untruths about electricians that you may have heard about.

Author: Simon Vickers
Hiring Funfair Dodgems

Tips on hiring funfair dodgems for any event, including corporate fun days, weddings and parties.

Author: Jason Moody
How To Make an App Like Spotify

Author: Viktor Lotyshko
Tips To Reduce Your Daily Stress

With October well underway the autumn colours are in full flourish, bringing an added touch to the landscapes around us. This time of year also begins the slow change towards winter and the dreaded winter blues. This usually brings around a more stressful time for people and it can be hard to drag yourself off the couch after a long day at work. With Christmas around the corner, business and work can be incredibly busy and stressful. Below, we have a few suggestions of how to reduce your daily stress not just through work, but suggestions of how to improve your daily routine to make you feel better in general.

Author: James Moore
What you ought to know about Tenement Loft Conversions

Tenement loft conversions are an affordable way of increasing your living space and adding value to your property. Here are a few things you should know about before you start.

Author: Kevin Craig
Have You Ever Wondered What Locksmiths Do In Their Spare Time?

A blog about the workshop that I attended to gain further training in various locksmith techniques.

Author: Denis Maguire
Do I Need a New Fuse Box?

Although it is usually found hidden away in a cupboard, a fuse box is an extremely important device in the home. It protects your property from the dangers of electrical fires and its occupants from electrocution. But how do you know when it is time to upgrade to a new one? We offer some advice.

Author: Steven Wright
When Does A House Need a Rewire?

This article describes the reasons why you might need a new fuse board

Author: Simon Vickers

Help and guidance about the expiry on a home report in Scotland.

Author: Andrew McKenzie

This article explains what is part of a Home Report The Home Report includes three separate documents; The Single Survey, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and the Property Questionnaire.

Author: Andrew MacKenzie
Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

Author: Cindy Trillo
Top Tips to Increase the Rental Value of Your Property

As experienced letting agents in Glasgow, Western Lettings are experts in the rental property market. Here are some of their top tips to help landlords maximise their rental income.

Author: Jack Gallagher
The Best Tips for Cleaning Dishes Fast and Effectively

There are lots of different ways that you could clean your dishes. You could buy expensive cleaning products and a wide array of cleaning tools as well to deal with every kind of cleaning problem, but we want to show you a few tips you can use to clean your dishes very well, very fast and with minimal effort and money spent. Read on to find out how to make your dishwashing a whole lot easier.

Author: Margaret Latham
BS 7671: the 18th Edition Key Changes -Electrical Installation

This article describes the changes to the national standard in the UK for electrical installation and the safety of electrical wiring in domestic, commercial, industrial, and other buildings, also in special installations and locations, such as marinas or caravan parks.

Author: Simon Vickers
Flower Delivery in Dubai

There are a lot of flower shops that provide flower delivery services in Dubai to those who love flowers or want to gift flowers to someone. One of the most beautiful cities that is located in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.

Author: ayaz butt
Proposed Legislation for Smoke Alarms in ALL Homes in Scotland

Proposed changes to the Housing Act could mean that soon ALL HOMES in Scotland will require to have smoke alarms fitted.

Author: Aberdeen Electricians Ltd
How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Business in 2018

For many small businesses, finding savings, no matter how small, is very important for the bottom line. Thi sarticle tells you how you can save on your energy bills as a small business.

Author: Simon Vickers
What is Non Destructive Emergency Entry?

Many locksmiths in Edinburgh offer 24 HR emergency services if you are locked out of your property. Unfortunately not all have training or skills in 'Non Destructive Entry'. Find out what this means and why it matters.

Author: Richard Hamilton
It was a great wedding!

A wedding on a beach in a geodesic dome tent.

Author: Polidomes International
The Best Yoga Teacher Training

Multi style Yoga TTC Teacher Training : we provide best services for our students and let them observe what Yoga is, Our Highly Experienced Yoga Training Teachers will completely guide you through Your yoga Courses. Our Yoga courses are having one of the Best Yoga Training Teachers in Goa because, we have The Best Experienced as well as Certified, “Yoga Gurus” Yoga Teachers to Train You From Beginning to the Expert Yoga Leaves.

Author: seo Thor
Top Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Roof Regularly

Your roof is a massive investment. To guarantee its maximum longevity, keeping it in optimal condition should be top of your priorities.

Author: Cindy Trillo
How to choose a gas boiler and a good plumber to install it?

How to choose a right type of gas or electric boiler for your property. What are the options and what kind of boilers are available on the market. Why some boiler brands are more expensive than others and does it make sense to pay more for your boiler. Finally who is the best trades person to install your new gas appliance. Should you employ a local gas engineer or contact a big nationwide company like British Gas ?

Author: Paul Orzeszak (company director of Dulwich Plumber Limited)
How to Get Your Business Ready for GDPR

Data Protection Law is changing on 25th May 2018. It will mean even stricter rules about the way businesses can gather, store and use personal data. Find out what it will mean for your company.

Author: DATA Computer Services
8 Reasons Landlords Need a Property Management Company

If you are a landlord, managing your own property can be a very time consuming and sometimes difficult task. Here are 8 great reasons why switching to a property management company might be the perfect solution.

Author: Western Lettings
5 Steps To Buying a House in Scotland

Whether you are a first time buyer or haven't bought a new property for some time, this article tells you everything you need to do along with some useful tips for house buying in Scotland.

Author: Janice Fergusson
How to Choose the Best GPS Tracking Device For Your Fleet

GPS vehicle tracking systems are not all created equally. If you realise the benefits of using GPS tracking if your fleet, it's important to ensure you are choosing the right system for your business. We created a guide on how you can choose the best GPS system for your business, all within a set budget.

Author: Vtec Solutions Ltd
3 Things You Need To Do Before You Start A Business

From thinking about the digital aspect of your business to sorting out your finances, here are three things that you need to do before you start a business.

Author: Cindy Trillo
Can Managed IT Services Benefit My Business?

Managed IT Services are specific IT services and functions which are outsourced to another company, sometimes called managed service providers. They allow you to completely hand over the running of certain IT tasks to experts in that area, leaving you to concentrate on running your business. Find out what types of businesses benefit most from managed services.

Author: DATA Computer Services
How to Find the Best Locksmith in Your Area

If you need new locks fitted, you don't want to waste money employing a rogue locksmith who will fit cheap locks. This article provides tips on how to go about finding the best locksmith in your local area.

Author: Richard Hamilton - Hero Locksmith
How Much Does It Cost For a Home Report?

In Scotland, it is a legal obligation for property sellers to make a home report readily available for prospective buyers. Unfortunately many sellers are unaware of the costs associated with obtaining a home report. As Scotland's leading supplier of home reports, we've provided some information on how much one costs.

Author: Home Report Company
10 Effective Ways to Deter Burglars and Intruders

In the UK, it is believed that a home burglary is carried out every 40 seconds. To put it into perspective, by the time you read this blog, three home burglaries have already taken place. Luckily as home security experts, we have written a blog which identifies 10 effective ways to deter burglars and intruders.

Author: Safe Simple Secure Ltd
How to Clean a Chandelier in 10 Easy Steps

Discover how to clean a chandelier by following these 10 quick and easy steps. Dusty chandeliers may not give off the sparkle and brilliance you come to expect. After all, you paid all that money for your chandelier to shine bright.

Author: Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions
A clean apartment in Brooklyn

There's nothing quite like having someone else clean your apartment in Downtown Brooklyn

Author: Samuel Austin
The Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge is a hiking challenge in which you summit the highest peaks in Scotland, Wales and England, in 24 hours

Author: Joe Goldring
Introduction to carabiners

This is a short introduction to carabiners, along with their use and costs

Author: Georgia Theakston
How to have an adventure in New York State

New York is full of adventurous people. Here's an article about one advernture possibility if you like hiking, sleeping in the great outdoors, and climbing.

Author: Davina King
Choosing a Commercial Refrigeration System? Here’s What You Should Know

For many businesses looking to buy a commercial refrigeration system, the question is: How do you choose the right one? Here’s what you should know.

Author: Cindy Trillo
10 Benefits of Using GPS Vehicle Tracking in Your Fleet Management

Running a fleet is no easy job. There are multiple areas and multiple factors that a fleet manager must consider to get the most out of their fleet, especially in regards to knowing where your vehicles are. We explore the benefits of how GPS technology in the form of vehicle tracking can help manage your fleet.

Author: Vtec Solutions Ltd
Scottish House Price Rise Drives Strong Property Market

Estate agents across Scotland have recently reported that Scottish house prices and the Scottish property market are at its strongest levels in over a decade. Find out what factors have influenced this boom in the Scottish property market, and what the future holds.

Author: Home Report Company
Electrical Rewire Of Your Home? No Problem

If your home needs rewired but you feel daunted by the thought of all the disruption and mess, this may help ease your fears.

Author: Capital City Electrical
When Should I Upgrade My Fusebox?

An out of date fusebox can be very dangerous and can lead to an increased risk of electrocution and fires. But how do you know when it is time to replace yours? Our short guide provides some helpful pointers.

Author: Aberdeen Electricians Ltd

An article explaining the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning and reasons why should should contract a professional.

Author: Pawel Winiarski - Pure Cleaning (Scotland) Ltd
Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kids

Learn more about the brief history of electricity, but more importantly how to keep your children electrical safe in your home. Discover our guide and find out what we suggest in regards to electrical safety for your kids. Take these tips into consideration to help keep your children safe and secure when approaching electricity.

Author: Simon Vickers - Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions
10 Important Reasons Why Your Fleet Needs a Dashcam

Road safety is a number one concern at Vtec Solutions, however recent statistics regarding injury and death on the roads still makes for a sobering read. Advancing technology has helped us become safer on the roads, but why should you consider installing a dashcam for your fleet?

Author: Paul Cochrane - Vtec Solutions Ltd
Selling Your House in Scotland

So you've decided to sell your house, but you're not sure of the steps involved. Discover our step-by-step guide on what you need to do if you're thinking of selling your house. From arranging a valuation, arranging a home report and conducting viewings - everything you'll need to know if you're thinking of selling.

Author: Andrew MacKenzie
How to Add Google Tag Manager to Your Wix Website

Learn how to add Google Tag Manager to Wix with the help of this simple how-to guide. Frustrated with not being able to track user behaviour on your Wix website? With the help of our guide, we can show you how to insert Google Tag Manager code to your Wix website.

Author: Alba SEO Services
10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill This Summer

In 2017, homeowners across Scotland experience financial difficulties spending over £300 more on their energy bill in comparison to the previous year. With rising energy prices, we've provided a short list of 10 ways you can reduce your energy bill this summer.

Author: Simon Vickers - Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions

On the 14th of December, the Scottish Government announced their budget and it’s highly likely that everybody in Scotland will notice changes. Carry on reading to find out how the changes will affect housing in Scotland.

Author: Andrew MacKenzie

The property questionnaire is the third document within the home report. It is usually completed by the person that is selling the property as the information provided is often only known by them.

Author: Andrew MacKenzie
4 Reasons Small Businesses Need IT Support

Why outsourced IT support is not just good for the big companies but can benefit small businesses too

Author: Data Computer Services
Why Your Website NEEDS an SEO Audit

A few pointers as to why we recommend a technical SEO audit on your website to ensure onsite SEO is correct.

Author: Caroline Phillips

January can be one of the best times of year to sell your property, so here’s our list of top tips to ensure your home stands out from the crowd and help you get the best possible price from your sale.

Author: Andrew MacKenzie
Top 5 Local Directories for SEO 2017

As search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants, we are always looking to find the best links and citations we can for our clients. Directories are one place where it can be helpful to be listed. There are some good directories and some bad ones. What do I mean by “good”? Well, these are directories which are considered trustworthy by Google and Bing. If you are on them, then you appear to be legitimate. This will have a positive effect on your credibility and ultimately your local ranking. Poor directories are ones where anyone can add a link; there is no editorial process; there is poor categorisation of businesses; the listings never get updated so the directory becomes bloated with lots of extinct businesses; and it doesn’t really drive any traffic i.e. no one looks at it. It is fair to say that a lot of directories don’t get a lot of traffic, but there are some good ones which do.

Author: Alba SEO Services
November 2017 Newsletter

A summary of recent Canadian immigration news

Author: Daniel Briere
One single solution for all your car rental needs

Rental cars for airport taxi, outstation cabs in Bangalore or any car rental, taxi & cabs services. Rent in Bangalore a secure, Car Rentals. Call NOW!

Author: HTM
The main reasons your oven will not heat

The main reasons your oven will not heat: • Heating element • Temperature Sensor is Out • Entire Oven Doesn't Work

Author: Best Fresno Appliance Repair
Thoughts on work-life balance

These are my personal thoughts on work-life balance, it's importance and how to achieve it

Author: Carl Steadman
10 Tips in Moving To Sarasota, Florida – Tips from Sunshine Movers


Author: John Meyers
Best Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization refers to the methods used to obtain a high place on a new era search engine results page as without pay anything, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine. Organic Methods such as boosting keywords, back-links and writing high-quality content can all improve a website’s page rank. Black hat SEO methods, such as the use of keyword stuffing and link farming, can also boost organic SEO.

Author: Shahzaib Butt
Organising Your Live Wedding Music

Organising your big day can be an exciting, but occasionally maddening process, with such an overwhelming number of choices to make at every turn it sometimes helps to do a little research beforehand. There are a number of different types of acts to choose from, whether that's a classical string quartet for the reception or lively swing band in the evening, knowing what goes where and how it all works is essential before you start your enquiries.

Author: Adam Mezzatesta, Bands For Hire

This global music festivals tool will allow you find alternative upcoming festivals around the world with ease! It is equipped with filtering tool so you can work around your budget and music tastes. Enjoy!

Author: James Smith