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5 Most Luxurious Modern Chandelier Trends

What does the word chandelier conjure up? For many, it brings to mind old-school decadence – opulent structures hanging down from the ceiling, dripping in jewels. For others, it may sound outdated. This is a common misconception. Now, we’re biased, but working with some of the world’s top chandelier craftspeople we can tell you – modern chandeliers are anything but outdated.

Many lighting designers hark back to traditional styles and craft methods. As in any industry, often the tried and tested ways are carried on from generation to generation for good reason – they work. But the world of chandelier manufacture is also one of innovation and immense creativity. After all, if you know the rules you know how to break them. From new material technologies to computerised craft methods, chandelier manufacturers such as Masiero, Luxxu, Schwung, and Lobmeyr, are breaking the mould with some absolutely stunning masterpieces.

So when you’re looking to bring a splash of luxurious lighting style into your home, don’t rule out the endless possibilities that chandeliers – both traditional and modern – and statement pendants can bring. Why go for the same as everyone else? Read on to hear our take on the top 5 most luxurious modern chandelier trends.


RD15 Chandelier Schwung

A pristine example from Schwung of how the fusion of traditional technique with modern style can create a thing of absolute beauty. These mouth-blown glass globes give a light and airy feel perfect for a minimal interior, while the bold solid brass is the ideal accompaniment if you’re going for a more industrial look. 

This chandelier comes in three different finishes – Brass, Polished Nickel or Black Gunmetal – and can be altered to your required height. We love the contrast of the black metal against the dainty glass bulbs.


The Knight Chandelier Lobmeyre


Viennese furniture designer Marco Dessí approached Lobmeyr to design a stunning modular lighting system. The result? The Knight. Mighty by name, mighty by nature, the Knight brings a dramatic effect to any room. 

Devilishly handsome, the Knight features brushed nickel lamps with a glossy varnish and sumptuous silk cord. Fully customisable, you can request to have this made in any metal or finish your heart desires.


Masiero Dimore - Crek Collection

Clusters of layered lighting mean the light dances and glances off of each shade, creating a rich and deep glow. This modern chandelier is crafted with the highest quality glass panels and adds a sense of luxury to any room. Varied heights draw the eye and blend into space, making for harmonious, considered home design. Many lighting designers are currently using layered lighting in their latest designs.  



Space, the final frontier. This attention-grabbing chandelier from Luxxu takes its inspiration from none other than the grand cosmos. With a revivalist attitude, this suspension is in salute to Sputnik, but you wouldn’t find this craftsmanship and technology during the space race. Manufacturing methods have come on leaps and bounds since the 60s, and so this light goes where no 60s light would have gone before.  Attention to detail is reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms which orbit around a centre sphere. As delicate as it is magnificent, this light truly is a show stopper.



Masiero Dimore - Eva Chandelier Collection


Bring a pop of colour to your interior with this block colour chandelier which is available in many colours including white, grey, green, red, and blue. Manufactured in resin and polyurethane, this plastic fantastic lighting solution optimises the best in modern materials. Plastic doesn’t mean cheap and throwaway though – as with all Masiero lights this beauty is lovingly handcrafted and made to order. 

Pair with bold patterned scatter cushions or a contrasting feature wall for the ultimate colour blocking effect.

At Luxury Lighting Boutique in Edinburgh, we truly believe we can find the perfect chandelier for your home whether you live in a modern apartment or a Victorian villa. 

Author: S Vickers