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6 Best Browser Games You Can Play to Kill Time

You work as a freelancer and always have extra time on your hand. You cannot look at the same projects again and a much-needed break from it all is all you want. This is where some of the best browser games come into play and help you kill time

If you have absolutely nothing to do and the thought of doing those dishes sitting in the sink is already making you feel exhausted, then don’t worry because we have just the right list of X best browser games you need to kill time.

However, to access these games, you will be needing a decent internet connection. If you live in a remote area and don’t typically find a provider, then we suggest getting a subscription to a satellite internet like HughesNet since it offers modest speeds with reliability and security. With its connectivity, you will be able to play browser games and surf the web for hours on end. You can contact HughesNet customer service to inquire more about the speeds and charges of plans so you can take advantage of the world of the internet.

With that being said, here are some of the best browser games you can play.

1.    Cookie Clicker

The game might look pretty simple but just a heads up, it can get quite addictive. Basically, the goal of this game is to make as many cookies as you can.

Now, to make a cookie, all you have to do is click on it again and again. The game continues in this style and it lets you put in more powerful production facilities and you can even upgrade your tools. The best part is, you can leave your cookie to make in a separate tab while you go run an errand.

2.    Line Rider 

There is a good chance you have heard of this classic game, even if you have never played it. Essentially, the game required you to build a track for a man on a sled to ride. The game is based on physics. So, the steeper you make the slopes, the more speed there will be.

For control, you can create shallow slopes and uphill sections. Once you have built the track, you can hit the Play button to check how your sled rider does.

3.    Shell Challenge

Shell Challenge is a perfect game to test your coordination and speed. It is a straightforward game where you will see a shell at the top of the screen and wait for the cards on the board to reveal the items.

Once revealed, you can click on the identical shell but the game is to click as fast as you can. The cards only reveal for a few seconds and after covering and revealing again, the items in them change instantly.

So, you have to be quick to reach a certain level.

4.    Slither.io

If you are from our generation and played that snake game on your Nokia phone, then here is the treat for you. Slither.io lets you control a shiny, customizable snake-like avatar. Although it is different in the sense that you cannot eat other snakes in order to kill them, you have to time your movements so that they can bump into you.

After that, the snakes will explode into several edible pellets.

5.    Spelunky

Spelunky was developed solely by Derek Yu’s Mossmouth. The game is a 2D roguelike adventure where the player can hop through different tunnels, made to look ancient in order to look for treasure. The fun part is, the dark caves change every time you play the game and what truly makes it even more enjoyable is the whole graphics that give a retro feel.

6.    Town of Salem

If you have already played Among Us, then you will definitely enjoy the Town of Salem. The game sets up a group of seven to fifteen players. Said players are then divided into three alignments; Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutralists.

No one in the games knows which player has got which part. If you are one of the good guys, then your aim is to find the killers before they find you. The game challenges your quick and critical thinking. It makes you more conscious and the overall interface of the game makes it enjoyable.

To Sum it Up

You don’t have to go and empty your pockets to find an expensive video game to kill time. There are thousands of games already available on the internet which you can play on your browser. However, we understand that it can get difficult to find ones that are fun and entertaining. This is why we suggest you check out the ones we have mentioned above and the next time you have nothing to do, just play these games.

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