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7 Tips for Women Looking to Advance Their Careers

If you're a woman looking to advance your career, here are six actionable tips that will lead you in the right direction.

1. Follow your Passion

They say if you do something you love you will never work a day in your life. If you are passionate about something why not make this your career goal? It is much easier to focus, apply and be successful for a job that you truly want, take a look at Atkins for a perfect example of this and how you too can have the confidence to do something you love.

2. Always Have an Updated Resume

Without a well-written and organized resume, you will not be in a position to leverage opportunities coming your way. The most important piece of advice I would offer to women is that they must learn how to craft resumes that will make them competitive in the current market.

And if you feel that's not your area, professional resume builders would come in handy. These are tools that will guide you through every stage of creating a modern resume. And as a bonus, a good cover letter builder could also help you build a cover letter that emphasizes the credentials on your resume.

3. Have a Strong Personal Brand and Increase Your Visibility

One of the easiest ways’ women can advance their careers is by developing a strong personal brand for themselves. A strong reputation and brand can easily put you in pole position for exciting career prospects.

Besides, being recognized in your niche will boost your chances of getting a job if you are laid off. So, increase your visibility and make it clear to others what your skills and accomplishments are. You should be in a position to narrate your career story in a simple and exciting way.

4. Build a Network

Try to network in and outside your current company so that you will have options should things turn sour. You want fellow employees to remember your name when a specific project is being discussed. Know the right personnel and work towards impressing them with your skills. Although it takes effort and time, building a network is crucial for both men and women.

5. Request Feedback

Another aspect women should know is that they should always request feedback. You will never improve unless you are aware of what you need to work on. Feedback helps you meet your expectations and those of others, in addition, avoiding miscommunication which could endanger your chances of career growth. Employees who are actively seeking feedback from management and then execute it wisely often end up being top performers in their niche.

6. Always Accept New Challenges

If you are requested to take on an activity that excites you but feel you're not ready for, give it a yes. You will know how to do it later. I recall when I was once asked to give a speech at a conference for Human Resource professionals in Athens. I was scared since I had never talked about that topic, or before a crowd.

Although preparation wasn't easy, the experience was incredible since it gave me a confidence boost. Always have the confidence to attempt something new or take a different path to realize a new perspective.

7. Show Confidence

The more competent and confident people see you, the more other people gain confidence in the abilities you possess. You should be in a position to manifest yourself clearly and request what you need or want.

Besides, try to speak slowly. I am naturally a fast talker, and it doesn't help with confidence. The prevailing notion is that you are talking faster because you're nervous. Also, speaking too fast could portray a lack of confidence or authority in a subject, so slow things down.

Author: Cormac Reynolds