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A clean apartment in Brooklyn

There's nothing quite like having someone else clean your apartment in Downtown Brooklyn

Time is money (and happiness)

New York is a buzzing city, and if you live there you will know that there is so much to keep you busy - your job, your family, your social life and pastimes.

As such, an enormous number of people here choose to have their house or apartment professionally cleaned on a regular basis.  Not only does this help to reduce your stress levels and boost your health, but it also gives you back valuable time to pursue your dreams.

Why do I like having a cleaner?

Well, my kids make one heck of a mess.  We don't ask our cleaner to do the tidying up, although I imagine Zoe would be happy to do that.  We do the tidying up because it's good discipline for the family and we feel that it shows that we respect our surroundings and other people.  However, our kids do leave food and dirt especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, and it's really nice to have a cleaner help to sort this out.

I have two jobs and my wife has one.  This means that we are incredibly short of time.  We also take the kids to soccer and dance classes in the evenings and at the weekend, which eats even more into our available time.  Therefore, having a cleaner is close to essential for us.

Zoe brings all the right cleaning materials with her so we don't need to worry about that either, and we find our rooms spotless when we get home.  It also improves the air quality which is good for our health.

Finally, we really like the fact that we are helping our cleaner to earn money which helps her to pay for her studies.  It makes us happy to feel that we are enabling someone to pursue their goals while we pursue ours.

Author: Samuel Austin