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Everybody can enjoy owning a piece of bespoke jewellery

Bespoke jewellery is not just for the rich and famous. Anybody can commission a piece of unique, bespoke jewellery and there are many talented jewellery designers in Scotland.

What is bespoke jewellery?

Bespoke jewellery is when a piece of jewellery is made for you to your own specific design.  It will be unique to you and it should reflect your own style. It doesn't have to include expensive diamonds or be made with platinum, you could have small silver earrings made for you. It should be possible to find a jewellery designer that can make you a piece of jewellery that meets your budget, no matter how large or small.


What types of jewellery can be custom-made?

All types of jewellery from engagement rings to bracelets can be handcrafted to your specific design. Some jewellery designers may specialise in a certain type of jewellery eg silver rings or jewellery with gemstones. 

Art Deco inspired remodelled ring

A client's old jewellery has been remodelled into this bespoke Art Deco inspired ring.

How do you choose a jewellery designer?

Just like artists and musicians, jewellery designers will have their own style and along with making bespoke jewellery for clients, they will usually sell their own designs. Ideally, you want to find a jewellery designer that has made jewellery that you like and is within your budget. You could start by browsing local jewellery designers' websites and social media and then pop into the shop of the ones you like to see if you like the person too. If you want to spend several thousand pounds on a stunning engagement ring, you want to go to a jewellery designer that is used to working with expensive metals and gemstones. 

How do you design your own bespoke jewellery?

Some talented people may be able to draw their ideas and show them to the jewellery designer, however, that won't be the case for most of us. Some people may choose to show their designer some photos so that they can explain the parts of the jewellery that they like. Others may just describe it to their designer who will be able to make sketches until it looks perfect. 

Margaret A King has shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh and specialises in bespoke jewellery and in particular, stunning bespoke engagement rings.  Their process for designing a bespoke engagement ring is as follows:

1. You will have an initial meeting with your designer where they will establish your design ideas and specifications, your budget and your timeframe. You will be able to try on some of the rings on display so that you can say what you like and dislike, the colour of gemstones you like etc. The designer will take this information away and prepare several hand-drawn sketches and source some gemstones that can be used in the ring. 

2. Usually a week or 2 later, you will meet with your designer again to view the sketches and gemstones. You can either choose one of the designs and pick your diamonds or other stones or tweak one of the designs until you are happy with it.

3. The next stage is to render a 3D image of the design you have chosen so that you get an opportunity to see a realistic version of it before it is made. There is still time to make small refinements to your design.

4. Finally, one of Margaret's talented and skilled goldsmiths will handcraft your engagement ring. 

This process will be similar whether you are designing a new pendant or having some old jewellery remodelled. 

Remodelled jewellery into stacker rings

Why we love bespoke jewellery

Everybody has their own individual and distinctive style.  As a good piece of jewellery can be quite expensive, you will want to love it forever and there is no better way than having it designed to express your authentic style. You also don't want to discover that your friend or relative has the same jewellery.

Author: M King

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