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Expert Timber-Framed Window Repairs and Upgrades

Traditional timber-framed windows were made with excellent quality timber and were made to last. It may surprise you to learn that even after 100 years, they can still be repaired and upgraded.

If you live in Scotland, there is a high chance that you will live in a period property such as a tenement flat with timber-framed sash and case windows or casement windows. They usually look beautiful but many have to into a state of disrepair through neglect. Some may have been well looked after over the years, but others will rattle and let draughts into your home. They may have beautifully varnished frames or the frames may be covered in many layers of paint. In some cases, they will no longer open as they have been painted shut or because the sash cords have broken. Perhaps the glass is so old that you can see ripples in it.

As many of these windows are large, people know it will cost them a lot to replace them.  They will also be aware that if they live in a conservation area or a listed building, the windows will have to be replaced with matching timber-framed windows which can be expensive.

Edinburgh tenement flats with sash windows

Sash Window Repairs

Sash and case windows have 2 window frames that roll up and down on a sash rope. You can open them as little or as much as you want.

Most of the old timber-framed windows in Edinburgh were made extremely well with high-quality timber.  This means that in the majority of cases they can be repaired and there is no need to buy expensive replacements. If your windows have any of the following problems it is advisable to call a specialist sash window repair company first:

  • Rattles
  • Rotten or damaged timber
  • Draughts
  • Leaks
  • Stuck open or shut
  • Difficult to open or close

At Eco Sash & Case in Edinburgh, they will always aim to repair and restore your window.  They will only suggest window replacements as a last resort. They have a workshop in Edinburgh with a team of highly trained and experienced window specialists.  This means that repairs that cannot be done onsite, will be done locally in Edinburgh. Many of these repairs will leave your home feeling much warmer and quieter. 

Sash Window Upgrades & Refurbishments

Did you know that old sash windows and casement windows can be upgraded with double glazing? Another reason why you don't often need to replace the window. Double-glazed sash windows will immediately make your home feel warmer and they will block out most of the noise from the street. With rising energy and heating costs, this is a worthwhile investment. However, if you are upgrading your windows, it will be the perfect time to have them fully checked for other problems and then refurbished so that they last for another 100 years.

Refurbished windows by Eco Sash & Case

A full window refurbishment from Eco Sash & Case can include:

  • Check the windows for any problems.
  • Replace any rotten or damaged wood.
  • Restore and repair the original sash casement.
  • Replace the external pointing with traditional sand mastic
  • Install new sash ropes
  • Install new pulley wheels
  • Fit their energy-efficient draught proofing system
  • Prepare and paint the timber frames 
  • Add new locks and ironmongery 

To save on the cost of major refurbishments it is recommended that this type of window is checked and maintained on a fairly regular basis. 


Casement Window Repairs & Refurbishments

Casement windows are the type that opens like a door. If you have traditional timber-framed windows they are usually either sash and case or casement. Casement windows tend to be on older homes as they predate sash and case windows.

This type of window can also be repaired, upgraded and refurbished in the same manner as discussed for sash windows.   


At Eco Sash & Case, we strongly recommend getting your beautiful old windows repaired, maintained and upgraded. Although new uPVC sash windows are cheaper with no maintenance, they will never look as good or last as long as the original timber-framed windows. If you maintain your timber windows, they will not cost you much in the long run. 



Author: Jordan Davidson

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