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Finding Value with a Dumpster Rental Service in Fort Lauderdale

If you are planning on renting a dumpster in Fort Lauderdale, here's what you need to look for to make sure you're getting your money's worth

You've made it to the end of your home improvement project. The very last task you need to address is waste disposal. For this, you'll have a couple options to consider ---- hiring a junk removal company, renting a dumpster or taking the waste to the landfill yourself. 

If you've decided that a dumpster rental was the most-convenient method then here are three things you should look at to make sure you get true value in the service you'll be receiving. 

When Can the Dumpster be Dumpster Be Delivered? 

When you're looking at different dumpster rental companies in Fort Lauderdale, you should be asking how quickly the dumpster can be delivered. You don't want to run into a situation where you're looking to complete your waste disposal task on a weekend but you can't receive the container until the following weekend. Typically, most dumpster suppliers should be able to provide you service within 2-3 days of when you placed the order, if not within 24 hours of your order. It might be a red flag on the customer service level of the supplier if they can't provide the rental within that timeline.

Will My Property be Protected? 

Roll off dumpsters can be a convenient and simple way of getting rid of large amounts of trash but they can also present challenges like property damage. Hook lift trucks roll the dumpster off their hooks and onto your driveway. If there's no protection underneath the container, you could experience scratches and gouges to your propety. That will make your rental a lot more expensive than you anticipated. 

Ask the potential suppliers if they place boards down beneath the bin to make sure your driveway is protected during the roll off sequence. 

What are the Dumpster Rental Prices? 

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to know the dumpster rental prices of each of the suppliers in Fort Lauderdale. Certainly the most expensive option may not be economical but the least expensive option may not be wisest decision either if they can't accommodate your requests of delivering the dumpster on time, protecting your property, et al. 

When asking about costs, you should factor the following considerations:

  • Where in the Fort Lauderdale area do you live? If you live 30-60 minutes outside of the central area, you may incur a trip fee
  • What dumpster size is required for your project? You should expect more if you need a 20 yard dumpster compared to a smaller 4 yard dumpster
  • How long will you need the bin? Most suppliers provide a 5-7 day rental. You should expect to pay more if you require it longer
  • How fast do you need the rental? 
  • What waste are you disposing? Are you planning on getting rid of heavier waste like shingles debris or bricks? The heavier the bin, the most it will cost. 

Not all dumpster rental suppliers will provide you the value you're looking for with your invesment. Explore the three questions above and factor those answers into selecting the dumpster supplier that will give you what you're looking for. 

Author: Luke Hancock

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