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Garden Rooms: Getting to Grips with the Rules and Regulations

Depending on the type of garden room you intend to install and how it is used, it may be necessary to apply for local council planning permission.

Setting up a garden room means you have the freedom to do anything you like with your new outdoor installation. You can set up your dream garden office, create an inspiring work-out space or even build your own private bar.

But as is always the case, there are rules and regulations that must be followed.  Despite the fact that you own your property and its exterior spaces, planning permission may still be required.

Do I Need to Apply For Planning Permission?

Establishing whether you need planning permission before setting up a garden room is essential. At Riverside, we will help you determine if planning permission is needed, and handle the application process on your behalf if so.

But it is possible to negate the need for planning permission entirely, by limiting the size of your garden room.

Specifically, planning permission is not necessary for a garden room that does not exceed 4 metres in height, or 2.5 metres if it is within 2 metres of the property boundary. In addition, the garden room must not occupy more than 50% of the total combined garden area.

When your garden room has been installed, you will be provided with a formal ‘certificate of lawful development’ by our team. This provides verification that the garden room complies with all applicable building regulations, which you will need if the time comes to sell your property.

What Building Regulations Apply When Installing a Garden Room?

Building regulations for garden rooms are somewhat ambiguous, but must nonetheless be followed without fail. 

For the most part, building regulations specify that outdoor structures must be safe, efficient and suitable for habitation. However, specific building regulations and requirements vary, in accordance with how you intend to use your garden room.

When is a Planning Permission Application Required?

It may be necessary to seek planning permission if your property is within a heritage zone or conservation area. Again, our team can help you determine if planning permission is required and assist with the subsequent application.

In addition, local council planning permission is required when installing a garden room to be used as a self-contained annex. This means a garden room with a bathroom, a kitchen and a living space - a fully-functional dwelling in its own right.

Should planning permission be required, it can take approximately eight weeks for it to be granted. Prior to which, the installation of your garden room cannot commence. It is therefore important to plan ahead when looking to add a garden room to your property, in case planning permission is needed.

Expert Advice and Support

From start to finish, the team at Riverside will provide the expert advice and support you need to make the most of your garden room. For more information or to book your obligation-free home design visit, call Riverside Garden Rooms today.

Author: Craig Upton