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How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies Profitably

When thinking about buying crypto assets, it is important to do the following work:

  • Pick a worthy asset for investments
  • Choose a reliable platform for trading
  • Determine the investment strategy.

Some crypto assets have mega capitalization, like the market leaders Ethereum and Bitcoin. They are the best investment option for the long-term, for their price performs the most stable growth. So many people who do not dare to take risks and trade coins actively prefer to purchase crypto and hold it long-term. These coins are traded on all crypto platforms. To convert ETH USDT or BTC USDT, you may use the popular WhiteBIT exchange. Why do we offer to use this cryptocurrency exchange?

Why Use WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is the biggest platform in Europe. It operates officially and has a license. The platform is fairly convenient for novice traders - it has an easy-to-handle interface and customer support. The WhiteBIT application for smartphone can be configured depending on what functions you need. You can even pick a basic interface mode for most easy and regular features.

WhiteBIT is safe and reliable. The exchange implements complex mechanisms to protect its users and their funds. The exchange has not been noticed in any scandals.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

It is pretty easy to purchase crypto on WhiteBIT. Even if you are a beginner investor, you will cope with this task easily. If you have a bank card, use it to deposit money to your WhiteBIT account and then pick the trading option you need. It may be spot trading, futures, margin, p2p, etc. To buy coins immediately, use the WhiteBIT converter:

  • Pick fiat currency and Ethereum
  • See the relevant exchange rate
  • Pay the commission
  • That is - you receive coins in your account.

The crypto exchange has sufficient liquidity to proceed with transactions in a matter of minutes.

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