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How to Find a Teaching Job You’ll Love: Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re a teacher looking for a new school or a supply who wants to cover a different city, there are lots of ways that you can find a teaching job you’ll love. The demand for teachers has never been higher, which is why there’s an amazing pool of opportunities to choose from. In this guide, you can read some tips and tricks that will put you on the path to success and help you find that all-important teaching job you’re looking for.

1. Use an Education Recruitment Agency

No job search should be done alone. Instead, it’s a smart idea to use the services of an education recruitment agency. These types of agencies specialize in finding dream roles for all kinds of teachers, including secondary school teachers and supply teachers. 

For example, if you currently live in Devon (or want to move there in the future), you can look at primary teaching jobs devon to see what teaching roles the agency has available. If you see a tole that appeals to you, the agency can then make some moves and put you through the application process. Providing you’re an excellent candidate and the school is happy with you, there’s a high chance you’ll land that dream role you’ve been looking for.

Remember, recruitment agencies do the hard work for you. Essentially, it’s like having a middleman whose mission is to find you the perfect teaching job for you. 

2. Apply During the Summer

Typically, the best period to apply for teaching jobs is during the summer. Specifically, June and July.

The reason for this is that summer is when there are the most teaching vacancies. All of the students are on holiday, many teachers are retiring, and countless others are looking for different teaching jobs. Therefore, vacancies start freeing up left, right, and center – so, make sure to take advantage of this. 

3. Do Some Supply Teaching

If you’re a qualified teacher who’s currently unemployed, it’s a good idea to fill in the gaps by doing some supply teaching. On countless occasions, teachers have done supply work for the school to offer them the full-time role. This could easily happen to you if you decide to do some supply teaching. If not, it’s still a great way to further your experience and get a feel for different schools and environments. 

4. Contact Schools Directly

Do you have a dream school in mind that you’ve always wanted to work for? Perhaps it’s in your local area? Or, is it a prestigious school in a completely different city? Whatever the case might be, it’s worth contacting the school (or schools) directly to see if they have any active positions. You might just land yourself an interview.

5. Speak with Former Colleagues

If you’ve been a teacher for a long time, the chances are you’ll have some former colleagues that you’re still in contact with. When this is the case, you can speak to these former colleagues to see if they’re aware of any vacancies at the schools they currently work at. Or, they might know someone in another school who can point you in the right direction – you get the idea. Again, this comes back to the networking point that was made earlier. The more you build your contacts, the more teaching job opportunities you’ll find.

Remember, patience is key in the education sector, as you often need to go through long interview processes and onboarding before you officially start a new teaching job.


By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you’ll be able to find a new teaching job in no time. Have fun and good luck.

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