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How to get Married in Puglia Region

Tips for getting married in Puglia

Wedding in Puglia is rising in popularity due to the aristocratic architecture, breathtaking scenery and numerous castles, cosy chapels, Baroque churches and farm-houses which have been turned into luxury resorts. It also has a long coastline to explore.

The climate is situated to perfectly catch even the last ray of the sun. The summer in Puglia starts early and ends late. In early December, temperatures are likely to drop below 20 degrees. Puglia is full of life in the summer with lots of international festivals such as La Notte della Taranta and jazz festival at Otranto.

The best thing about getting married in Puglia region is that you don’t need to go elsewhere for your honeymoon. It is a region which is unspoilt and to a large extent undiscovered.

If you what to have a coastal scenery wedding in Puglia, there are luxury beach clubs. Book you wedding in Masseria if you want to experience the flavor of traditional Puglia. These venues are traditional farm houses which provide a rustic charm of the area. The interiors are usually updated to provide a more luxurious setting for the occasion. They are located far into to the center of the verdant countryside which offers a rural atmosphere.

Most wedding venues provide onsite accommodation, thus making life much easier for friends and family. If you prefer extra accommodation, a unique option to use is the trulli hamlet; this is a traditional hut made of stones with unique cone-shaped roof, they are very common in the region and will offer your guests an opportunity to learn more about the traditional aspect of Puglia.

When the wedding is over, there is much you can do in Puglia. Your guests might want to stay a little longer to enjoy the most out of their stay. There is an impressive beach and some historic cities that are fascinating such as the white city of Otranto or the Baroque city of Lecce.

The region comes alive in the summer with lots of colorful food festivals with visitors sampling some of the local dishes. It is easy to travel to Puglia. There are two international airports which serve the region; one is located at Brindisi and the other at Bari.

When preparing for your marriage in Puglia region you will be needing the services of a Wedding planner Puglia who will work with you to develop a design for your event and will co-ordinate all the details: from placeholder to invitation to mass booklets etc.

A wedding planner Puglia will professionally care, love and handle all of your personal details and come up with a unique event to make your occasion an unforgettable experience to be remembered for life.

Depending on your wedding theme, budget or proposal, they will select for you the best vendors so as to provide you with the top class professionals in the business.

Weddings will be provided for each type of budget and will guarantee elegance and creativity with a unique experience. The approach of a wedding planner is based on the capacity to listen and flexibility.

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