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How To Make an App Like Spotify

The modern world is used to living a very fast lifestyle, and it is easier to follow the rhythm with the music. People listen to music to concentrate when working or studying, to get that extra boost of energy for a workout, or, on the contrary, to relax and unwind.

Music has become a central element of our everyday lives. So, it is not surprising that streaming apps like Spotify have made a huge profit selling unlimited access to it to people all over the world.

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The Secret To Spotify’s Success

Spotify has 60 million premium subscribers and provides advertising services to many businesses. Such popularity is not surprising - Spotify was one of the original applications to provide music listeners with access to unlimited numbers of songs and playlists.

So, what’s the secret of their success?

Spotify makes it possible to have a highly personalized experience in music listening. The app gathers data related to the user’s listening history and preferences. This allows creating playlists tailored uniquely to the person’s tastes and moods using millions of songs that are available on Spotify.

How much does Spotify cost?

The worth of one of the most successful music streaming apps currently on the market has been estimated to be $20 billion. It made $27 billion off the advertising services in 2017 and their ad revenues are up on 13.7% yearly.

You might be wondering how to make an app like Spotify to achieve similar results. Let’s dive into it.

How Can You Create a Spotify Clone?

First of all, you should consider the basic features your music streaming app should have:

  1. User Profile, Registration, and Authorisation
  2. Music Search
  3. Push Notifications
  4. Music Streaming
  5. Sharing Music
  6. Managing Playlists
  7. Offline Mode

So, where do you start?

  1. Begin with planning. Outline your idea, study your potential users, identify how you can deliver your product to them.
  2. Find your developers. Ensure the crew you assemble consists of reliable people who know what they are doing - check out their apps in AppStore, google them, etc.
  3. Choose a platform. There are different design guidelines and regulations for Android and iOS, as well as different costs.
  4. Get your licensing right. For a music app, you need a PPR (Public Performance Rights) license. In different parts of the world, there are agencies that specialize in this.
  5. Make a prototype. It is important for you not to skip this step! Create a demo to get the overall impression your app gives.
  6. Build the app and test it. After you have built your application, make sure to conduct thorough testing to fix any issues.

Spotify mainly uses JavaScript for its backend and C++ for the core, although C++ and Python are becoming less frequently used for development. Spotify uses different programming languages for different devices and platforms:

  • Windows/Mac: C++
  • Android: JavaScript
  • iOS: Objective-C

How Much Does It Cost To Create an App Like Spotify?

Considering the time required for developing each feature, it will take around 700 hours to build a music streaming app, excluding testing and monthly maintenance.

Average hourly rates vary country-wise and depending on the company’s experience in the field.

Hourly Developers Teams Rates Worldwide:

  • US and Canada: $50 - $250/hour
  • Australia: $50 - $150/hour
  • Western Europe: $30 - $150/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25 - $150/hour
  • India: $10 - $80/hour


Spotify is an excellent example of a successful project that solved a massive users’ problem in the music industry. Making a similar application requires a team of experienced and trustworthy specialists and could cost you anywhere between $24,000 and $60,000.

Author: Viktor Lotyshko