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How To Make Your Learning Unforgettable

It is really very important to have a good memory and to remember all the things you learn for a long time. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember the things for a long time.

As a teacher and online ib educator, I meet students who are very much troubled with their academic progress. They want to do good academically, many of them are interested in their subjects too but still, they find it difficult to perform better in their exams. When I talk to them and investigate the reason behind their academic failure, I see that forgetting the things they have learnt, is one of the main reasons.
Many of them think they have less efficient memory while this is not the actual case. They can learn and remember things like others by using a few simple techniques.
Note the key points and use a high lighter pen –
Students should always take a pencil in their hand while reading. They should mark and underline the key points and write short notes. It is not necessary that we remember everything given in the book as it is. We can remember the key point and describe the rest in our own words. If we high light the key portion, it will help us to remember and also in the revision. Rewriting the text is a very good practice this will help you to remember the things forever.
Scroll the whole text in your mind- 

When you finish reading a text that you need to remember for a long time, put the book aside close your eyes, sit calmly and think about that text for a few minutes, Try to make images of the whole text that you have read. For example, if you have read about the relationship of pressure and volume of a gas, you can visualise in your mind that you are pressing a balloon and changing its volume and pressure.
You should scroll each and every part of the text in your mind. Try to think whether you can relate any part of that text with anything related to your life. Try to think what questions can be asked on the basis of that text. Also, try to answer those possible questions. This will not only help you in remembering that text but also provide you with a better understanding of that text.

Help others in understanding that text-
If you have learnt something difficult and academically important, and you are afraid that you may forget this after a short period of time, then you should ask your friends if any one of them needs your help to understand that topic. If you teach any topic to your friends, you will get a better understanding of that topic. When your friends will ask you their doubts on that topic and you will answer them, you will get a strong and quick revision.
This revision will make this topic unforgettable for you.

Short term memory misunderstandings-

When we complain that we have forgotten what we had learnt, then most of the time we are confused about our learning. For example, if someone tells you his phone number and ask you to call him, you may be able to remember the number and call him even after a few hours. But if I ask you the same number after 3-4 days, probably you will not be able to tell me that number. The same thing happens with our academic learning. It seems as if we have forgotten it but actually it was only in our short-term memory for a very short time so for better results, we should learn things such a way that they go into our long-term memory. Once we are able to send it into long-term memory, it will become unforgettable.
I have written this article on the basis of my experience with the students in my teaching career.


Summary- For growth in academic life, it's really important that you remember the things you have learnt for a long time. You can use a few easy ways to make your learning unforgettable

Author: Faisal Khan, Founder and owner at http://ibelitetutor.com