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Industry Insights: Learning from Testing Experts and Thought Leaders at the Testμ Conference 2023

Testμ (TestMu) is an innovative and immersive online-only conference that places the individual, represented as 'you,' at its very core. The LambdaTest drives this amazing and remarkable conference to connect the software community and encourage them to take a step toward innovation in the testing industry. But what makes the Testμ conference different from others? It includes different sessions with the latest testing trends, hands-on experience, and communication on cultivating the correct culture.

The Testμ conference ensures that attendees are engaged throughout the events gaining much knowledge from the testing experts and thought leaders connected globally. In this article, we will highlight the remarkable and impressive insights and invaluable knowledge you will gain from the Testμ Conference 2023. Let us start with the first understanding of the Testμ Conference 2023.

What is the Testμ Conference? 

Many readers might not be very familiar with the Testμ Conference and its significance. Here, we will help you understand the Testμ Conference 2023.

The Testμ conference, also known as TestMu, serves as a small but significant step towards the growth and prosperity of the testing community. It strives to empower aspiring engineers by providing them with valuable insights and expertise necessary for success in this field. At LambdaTest, its commitment lies in fostering discussions about bringing innovation to the testing industry.

Here are a few highlights of the Testμ Conference 2023: 

  • It is a three-day software testing conference that will be held on 22-24 August 2023.
  • This conference will bring all the testing experts, software developers, thought leaders, and others into one common place. This will allow you to learn more about the latest software testing trends.
  • This year, Testμ Conference 2023 has brought exciting sessions from renowned experts. It will include 45+ speakers, 30+ sessions, and 10,000+ attendees.
  • It will include a keynote presentation, panel discussion, and workshops around software testing and development.
  • Attendees will be able to learn more about techniques and tools for software testing.
  • Testμ Conference 2023 allows connecting with other experts in the community.

Now let us introduce you to the testing experts and thought leaders of the Testμ Conference 2023. 

Testing Experts And Thought Leaders Of The Testμ Conference 2023

Here is the list of the speakers of the Testμ Conference 2023, which will give you industry insight and new learning. 

The keynote speakers are:

  • Anne-Marie Charrett, Principal Consultant & Founder, Testing Times
  • Mahesh Venkataraman, Managing Director, Cloud First, Accenture
  • Pradeep Soundararajan, Founder & CEO Moolya | Bugasura
  • Shivani Gaba Engineering Manager, Beyonnex

The speakers are:

  • Ajay Balamurugadas, Senior Director GSPANN
  • Amuthan Sakthivel Staff Software Engineer Clipboard Health
  • Anaïs van Asselt Senior QA Engineer Choco
  • Andres Sacco Technical Leader, TravelX
  • Artem Golubev CEO, testRigor
  • Bharath Hemachandran, Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks India
  • Coty Rosenblath, CTO Katalon
  • Dmytro Lukianchuk QA Team Lead / Manager Wix.com
  • Elizabeth Zagroba, Quality Lead Mendix
  • Garvit Chandna Senior Manager SDET, Equinox
  • Ioannis Papadakis, Director - QA GWI
  • Julio de Lima, Principal QA Engineer Capco
  • Marie Cruz Developer Advocate, k6.io (Grafana Labs)
  • Mesut Durukal, QA Automation Engineer Indeed
  • Min Xu Engineering Manager Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Mohammed Aboullaite, Backend Engineer Spotify
  • Grizzaffi, Senior Automation Architect, Vaco
  • Rahul Parwal Senior Software Engineer, ifm engineering
  • Richard Clark, Chief Strategy Officer Provar
  • Sri Harsha, Senior Test Automation Engineer EPAM Systems
  • Tamar Schapira CEO/Co-Founder, SenseIT

Now that you know about the speaker and their designation, you must be very sure that attending the Testμ Conference 2023 can be beneficial. Let us now see what learning these experts will provide to all the attendees.

Learning from Testing Experts and Thought Leaders at the Testμ Conference 2023

Learning about software testing tools, development and testing trends, and others is a step towards improving skill and ability in the testing industry. In Testμ Conference 2023, the following are the learning that will be provided to the attendees:

Live Demos of the Latest Tools

  • In Testμ Conference 2023, LambdaTest will conduct live demos on the latest software testing tools like Cypress, Playwright, etc. Here, the attendees will be able to experience the working and functionality of the latest tools and technology, which are revolutionizing the field of software testing.
  • At Testμ Conference 2023, you will learn about the practical application of the software testing tool and how it integrates with the development and testing process.

Industrial Workshop

  • At Testμ Conference 2023, an online industrial workshop will be conducted by the testing experts and thought leaders where they will be sharing their experience and knowledge on software testing and development.
  • In the industrial workshop, you will be able to collaborate and communicate with various experts, SMEs, and peers.
  • You will also get a chance to be involved in hands-on activities related to software development and testing, and you will be able to share your knowledge.
  • You can take this industrial workshop as a learning platform for understanding new testing and development skills and refining the existing ones.
  • You will learn about the challenges encountered in software testing and development and a way to fix those. The experts will also highlight the best practices to address those based on their experience.

Tutorials on Hot Topics

  • Testμ Conference 2023 will also offer different tutorial sessions on hot topics related to software development and testing.
  • The topics are selected specifically, which will give you knowledge on emerging software development and testing trends like Artificial Intelligence.
  • You will be able to master new concepts, methodologies, and techniques which can be applied to your project.
  • Some examples of tutorials include the complexity of test automation frameworks, understanding the concepts of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), cloud-based testing, cross-browser testing, digital experience, real device testing, leveraging real device cloud, and others. 

Open Discussion and Session 

  • The Testμ Conference 2023 offers engaging activities like keynote presentations, speaker sessions, and panel discussions. All these activities are focused on the most current software testing trends and best practices. By participating in these sessions, you can improve your skills and gain valuable insights into tackling testing challenges in your software projects.
  • You can attend keynote sessions, engage in fireside chats, join masterclasses, and participate in panel discussions.  

Learning on Career Guidance

  • The testing expert and thought leaders will give you career guidance through the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, which is part of Testμ Conference 2023.
  • In this session, you can ask questions on careers related to software testing and QA from experts and thought leaders.
  • The experts and leaders will answer all your questions, which can be great learning for the newbies of the software testing industry.

Now let us see what you will be learning in the session related to industry insights.

Learning in the Keynote Session

In the Testμ Conference 2023, the keynote speaker will give valuable insights into the future of testing, and they will also share their predictions on the trends. Such type of information will help in shaping the software testing industry. Some of the suggested topics that can be included in the Testμ Conference 2023 are as follows: 

  • The keynote speakers can explore the latest software testing technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • The session can include a shift towards shift-left and shift-right testing, where you will learn the significance of continuous testing in the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • The session can explain to the attendees the identification of defects, bugs, and errors.
  • You can also learn about test automation, AI-driven testing, Agile, DevOps.

Learning in the Workshop

  • You may think about what you will learn by attending the workshop. Here are some highlights: 
  • You will learn from the experts and thought leaders about the advanced techniques for test automation.
  • You will understand how to leverage automation testing tools and different ways to improve the software testing process.
  • One of the core components of the workshop is the hands-on exercises.
  • You will gain ideas on ways to implement automated test scripts, ways of error handling, and managing the test.
  • The testing expert will walk you through the different ways of setup and configuration of the automation testing tools in the workshop.

Learning in the Fireside Chat

  • During the Fireside Chat, moderators introduce the panelists, who are esteemed experts with deep knowledge and experience in AI and testing.
  • The moderators set the stage by highlighting the significance of AI in revolutionizing testing processes and its potential to drive efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.


In this article, we have discussed learning from the testing expert and thought leaders in the Testμ Conference 2023 held by LambdaTest. This will give an exciting opportunity to learn new things. The most amazing part of the conference is that it is free of cost. So what are you thinking? Register for the Testμ Conference 2023 now and give yourself a chance to explore the new world of the software industry. 


Author Name - Mudit Singh
Designation - Director - Marketing
Company - LambdaTest

About Mudit Singh:

A product and growth expert with 12+ years of experience in building great software products. A part of LambdaTest's founding team, Mudit Singh has been deep diving into software testing processes working towards the aim of bringing all testing ecosystems to the cloud.  Mudit currently leads marketing and growth for LambdaTest as Director - Marketing. LambdaTest, is a leading continuous quality testing cloud platform, headquartered in San Francisco, US. LambdaTest has 1mn+ users and 10,000+ customers across the globe.

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