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Miami Beach Residents: Let’s Declutter Once And For All

Understanding how clutter happens and how it can affect your overall health is an important part of the decluttering process. Follow a three-step process to getting rid of your clutter for good. Start with renting a dumpster.

While decluttering by definition is the removal of unnecessary items, it is so much more. One important thing to note is that if you don’t take time to understand why the clutter is happening in the first place it will continue to happen over and over again. Removing all the clutter in your physical space is only a band-aid solution. 

Clutter can happen before we even notice the items piling up. This happens in most rooms like the garage or storage unit where we don’t enter often and realize how much is piling up. This causes us to forget the items we already own and leads us to buy more. 

Another common cause of clutter is holding onto sentimental items. Many times when close ones pass, we hold onto physical possessions to keep them close. Clearing these items or removing them from your possession may cause pain. What you may not realize is the effect that the clutter has on your mental psyche. 

Yes, the hard truth is...that clutter in your daily physical surroundings can have a harmful effect on your mental health. It’s possible that you could be avoiding a room in your house or a friend's house because of the clutter. 

A study shows that 25% of Americans cannot park their cars in their two-car garage...due to the clutter build-up.

Do you ever wish you could have more hours in the day...well most Americans spend 2.5 days every year just looking for misplaced items? Simply by decluttering and having an organization system you could save lots of time.

Let’s get into how to remove the clutter for good! 

Start by taking a walk through your house with your clutter lenses on. By this we mean taking a look at every piece of furniture, in every closet/storage unit and asking yourself the following questions;

  1. When was the last time I used this?
  2. Does this item bring me joy?
  3. Does it hold a memory I want to keep?
  4. Do I have multiple of the same item?

After this walkthrough, you may start to realize that there's a lot that you can get rid of. This would be the time to rent a dumpster. Having a central place to toss all your unwanted items or organizing debris is key to a successful home decluttering project. 

Clean, dumpster rental to help home decluttering project

Once the dumpster rental has arrived and you’re ready to start your decluttering adventure, go room by room and separate your items in piles of keep, donate, and throw. All the items that you decide to throw, take them immediately to your dumpster rental. You’ll start to see an immediate change in your rooms. 

Any of your items that are usable and in reasonable condition see if there is a local donation center near you. Check out the Miami Beach Goodwill trailer and more donation centers here

As the saying goes, ‘’one man's trash is another man’s treasure’’. If your items are still in relatively good condition consider hosting a yard sale. Sometimes we keep clutter simply because we spend money on it. Organizing a yard sale will help get rid of items that don’t bring you joy and get you a couple of dollars from it. You could also venture out into the digital space with eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and many more. 

After all these steps you’ll be left with the items that you use every day and that bring you joy. A good clean-out on a yearly basis is a great idea to keep your home clutter-free. This is an ongoing process, look at your organization style as well as your spending patterns, these two elements will also help you in maintaining a clutter-free humble abode. 

Author: Jacqueline Petitjean

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