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Swing easy! Top tips for improving your golfing ability

Top tips on improving your golf swing

Swing easy! Top tips for improving your golfing ability

Being a keen golfer can be a very fulfilling and healthy way to spend your free time - whether you are retired or just looking for a way to unwind at the weekends. As you become more committed to your game, though, you will want to improve your golf and learn new skills. Here, we take a look at essential ways you can improve your golf and feel like a pro on the green.

Set achievable and realistic goals

The first step to becoming a better golfer is to identify what is letting you down on the course. Knowing exactly where you want to improve allows you to decide on your goals for improving your golf. Taking each part of your game individually will let you focus more and see true progress. Make a note of the areas you want to work on (even something as small as getting to the driving range three times a week rather than once a week) and what you want to aim for (for example, if your goal is to break 90), and as you grow as a golfer, you will see what you achieve and how you grow. Setting goals that are achievable in the short term and then also writing down long-term goals that are a little loftier, but still specific, measurable and achievable, is the best way to see progress without becoming discouraged.

Play practice rounds

Making more time for your golfing is essential if you wish to improve overall. If you are entering competitions but keep coming up against the same flaws in your game, then try to integrate more practice rounds into your routine. Hitting more balls in a low-stakes environment gives you the time to pay attention to your swing - for example, if you finish your swing feeling unbalanced, then you know that you need to work on perfecting your pose so that you feel stable, with your back heel lifted. This can give your strike a boost, but whatever is letting you down, putting in practice time is essential.

Upgrade your equipment

You may have heard that old adage that a bad workman blames his tools, but the truth is that working with low-quality or incorrect equipment can seriously affect your game. Seeing a professional golf fitter can help you to better understand your personal needs when it comes to both balls and golf clubs, and this kind of bespoke service can pay dividends when it comes to the consistency of your swing. Every golfer has their own style and requirements, and working with these can be hugely beneficial - as well as improving your understanding of your style as a golfer.

Use a golf simulator

Taking advantage of new advances in golfing technology might not be your first thought when it comes to improving your golf, but there’s no shame in it! Golfing technology has come a long way and can help even total beginners to improve massively. A golf simulator can give you a boost in a number of ways. For example, it will give you a better understanding of your swing so you can perfect it, teach you more about how to choose the best club, and give you the right tips for shaping your shots. Golf isn’t just a physical game - a lot of it is about having a respect for and understanding of your surroundings, your mechanics, and the intricate details that go into growing from a hobbyist to a great golfer. No matter how new you are to golfing, you can use these top tips to become a more proficient golfer and enjoy those casual or competitive games so much more. Remember - practice might not make perfect, but it will make every game you play stronger and more fulfilling.

Author: Keith Palmer

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