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Tinted Mirror Splashbacks: Timeless Elegance and Sophistication

A tinted mirror splashback can be just the thing to bring personality and prestige into the kitchen, while at the same time making the space look and feel larger.

Everybody knows that reflective surfaces can make a kitchen feel brighter and bigger than it actually is. Even in a relatively large kitchen, shiny and mirrored surfaces bring energy and vibrancy into the space.

Quality glass splashbacks by their very nature can intensify this effect. While providing durable protection for the surface beneath, they reflect and bounce light around the kitchen for added visual appeal.

But when it comes to leveraging the full effect of this light reflection, nothing gets the job done like a tinted mirror splashback.

What is a Tinted Mirror Splashback?

As the name suggests, a tinted mirror splashback is a mirrored splashback with a strategic tint of colour. Rather than adorning your kitchen with a series of standard mirrors, you bring something in that perfectly complements its surroundings.

Or perhaps, stands out as a beautiful point of focus for the entire space.

A tinted mirror splashback can be anything from bold and ostentatious through to elegant and understated. In all instances, achieving the desired effect by creating a brighter, lighter and more pleasant place to spend time.

Popular Tinted Mirror Splashback Options

In terms of colour choices, the only limitation is your own imagination.  However, there are several top-selling options for tinted mirror splashbacks, which never fail to look the part in classical and contemporary kitchens alike.

For example:

Silver tinted mirror splashbacks

This is what you could perhaps call the classic tinted mirror splashback, just a few steps shy of being a conventional mirror. The hue of the silver colour can be adjusted to suit the colour scheme of the kitchen and the preferences of the buyer, bringing maximum reflection into the space for a bright and minimalist feel. Very similar to a mirror, with the added bonus of a tough and glass surface that can withstand even the harshest conditions.

Bronze tinted mirror splashbacks

There is something about a bronze tinted mirror splashback that harks of times gone by. This type of splashback almost has the look and feel of a traditional copper, making it a great choice for pairing with rustic farmhouse kitchen elements. At the opposite end of the scale, it can also be just the thing for a contemporary loft-style kitchen with exposed brickwork, piping and industrial accents. Bronze tinted mirror splashbacks are available in all imaginable shapes and sizes, but bigger is almost always better with this attractive tint.

Grey tinted mirror splashbacks

Last but not least, grey always brings a touch of understated elegance to contemporary and classical kitchens alike. Its reflective properties are subtler and its tint deeper than a silver splashback, making it great for pairing with a wide variety of colour palettes. A grey tinted mirror splashback can be particularly effective when used to bring contrast to units and countertops in whites or neutral colours. A highly versatile choice that is difficult to go wrong with, which again looks particularly impressive in the form of a larger-sized splashback.

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Author: Craig Upton