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Top Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Roof Regularly

Your roof is a massive investment. To guarantee its maximum longevity, keeping it in optimal condition should be top of your priorities.

When it comes to cleaning a home, one of the most overlooked areas is the roof. The roof is a critical part of your home and acts as the first line of defense against harsh weather and elements. Here are reasons why it makes sense to clean your roof.

A Clean Roof Saves You Money

With time, your roof accumulates a lot of foreign components ranging from leaves, dirt, dust and debris. Combined with moisture, these fuel the growth of moss, lichens and algae. Mold and algae live and eat through your roof thus causing rot and leaks. Such damage will ultimately lead to serious costs. With a clean roof, you will steer clear of such problems and save plenty of money in the long run.

Gives Your Home a Polished Look

Your roof is a critical part of your home, and it speaks volumes about you. A dirty roof can make your home stand out in your location for all the wrong reasons. Nobody wants that disgusting looking dirt coat on top of their house. To boost your curb appeal and make your home the center of attraction in your neighborhood, take some time to give it a clean. It will make all the difference and is a sure fire way to make your home more appealing to possible buyers.

Boosts Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

When your roof is covered in dirt, the sun isn’t able to reflect off it. All that heat is absorbed and causes the upper levels to become much warmer than other areas. This forces your air conditioning to work extra hard thus increasing your utility bills. With a clean and clear roof, the sunlight heat will always bounce off, and you will save on energy costs.

Locking Pests Out of Your Home

When your roof is overridden with mold and algae, it attracts unwanted visitors. The smell of rotting wood naturally attracts pests, and they can find their way inside your home through the damaged parts. If left unchecked, rats, bugs and birds may find your roof to be a perfect breeding ground. By cleaning the roof regularly, you will get rid of and deter pests.

Although everything diminishes with time, you can still add a few extra years to your roof. By occasionally cleaning it, you will be effectively extending its lifetime while reducing repair costs. When roof cleaning, you will also have the opportunity to assess its condition, detect any problems and perform timely fixes. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your roof, it’s time to get it done.

Author: Cindy Trillo