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What is a customer journey and why should you map it?

A customer journey details every experience your customers have with you. It helps to tell the story of a customer’s experience with your brand from initial engagement through to a happy long-term relationship.

This form of storytelling is a very compelling way to present your customers back to your organisation. A story of a stranger falling in love because all their needs and wants are met, with everything in between detailing how they got there.

These stories are a powerful way to teach organisations more about their customers, and for companies to understand what their role in the story is.

Most businesses are reasonably good at gathering data on their users. But data often fails to communicate the frustrations and experiences of customers. A story can do that, and one of the best storytelling tools in business is the customer journey map.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of experiences and can be designed to focus on a part of the story or give an overview of the entire customer experience. What it always does is identify key touchpoints that the customer has with the organisation. It talks about the user’s feelings, motivations and questions for each of these important interactions.

It often provides a sense of the customer’s greater motivation. What do they wish to achieve, and what’s their perception and most importantly, let’s businesses think about how they can exceed and surprise based on their customers’ expectations.

A customer journey map takes many forms but technology now has allowed for the entire customer journey to be mapped, analysed and reported. Whatever its form, the goal is the same: to teach organisations more about their customers.

Why you need to create a map!

A customer journey map is a very powerful tool.

If you are a designer, it will help you to understand the context of users. You will gain a clear picture of where the user has come from and what they are trying to achieve.

If you write copy, it will help you to understand what questions users have and how they are feeling.

It gives managers an overview of the customer’s experience. They will see how customers move through the sales funnel. This will help them to identify opportunities to enhance the experience. The map will show how enhanced customer service can differentiate the organization’s digital experience.

A customer journey map helps to identify gaps, points in the customer experience that are disjointed or painful.

Most of all, a customer journey map puts the user front and centre in the companies thinking. It demonstrates the need for the entire organisation to adapt and promotes customer centricity throughout the company. It encourages people enterprise wide to consider the user’s feelings, questions and needs.

With so many benefits, mapping the customer journey is a must for any business to achieve a 360 view of their customers.

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Author: Lisa Kenny