About Intently

The idea

Intently came about from the need (at least the desire) to be able to quickly request services while on the go, while out of normal working hours, and with no real knowledge of what services existed in a particular area.

We wanted to be able to submit a request via any device then forget about it, knowing that our need in some way had become an entity for potential suppliers to interact with while we were busy doing other things. Then some time later, we could go back to that request and see how it was getting on.

The final step was to make sure that all this could be done with a single app so the user wouldn't need an app for hotels, an app for restaurants, an app for car repairs etc..

In fact, it turns out there is a term for this: "intentcasting". We didn't invent the word intentcasting, but it's a very good match for what we do here at Intently. Here's a good link about intentcasting.

The reality

So here we are now, several years on (Intently was launched on 31st December 2011), and this is how Intently is shaping up:

  • 25,000+ potential buyers visiting Intently each month
  • Coverage on every continent
  • Hundreds of services covered
  • Communication between buyers and sellers via email and video calls
  • And most importantly for our buyers...most requests receive a response within the hour, regardless of the service requested or the country in which the service is requested

The benefits

Here are the benefits when buying and selling services using Intently:

  • Suppliers can find you. That's the way it should be, and it saves you time.
  • Intently empowers small and independent businesses with little or no Internet presence: a family-run Bed and Breakfast has just as much chance of filling a room as the Marriott.
  • As a supplier, you get direct personal communication with prospective customers, and you can showcase your services with our detailed professional busines profiles (we also drive prospective customers to your website).

Thanks for reading!