About Intently.co

Based in London, Intently.co is a platform for connecting consumers to service providers. We operate in over 40 countries, and we deal with a very wide range of services.

Our buyers can request any service anywhere (via this website and also on Amazon Alexa devices), and they usually get a response within the hour. This reliability and speed of response is what makes us unique - if you don't believe us, try it for yourself!

We offer detailed professional business profiles allowing our sellers to showcase their services to prospective buyers. Listing your business with us will help improve your overall online presence and search rankings.

In terms of communication, our buyers and sellers talk to each other via email, instant messaging and video call.

We launched in 2011 and have become established as a strong and lasting digital presence. We continue to innovate our product and grow our user base, with 30,000 users each month from around the world.

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