An intentcasting API for the Intention Economy

Introducing the API

Our API is designed to help websites and services work together and grow in the Intention Economy. Whether you are a collaborative consumption site ("the sharing economy"), a buyer-powered marketplace ("the intention economy", "intentcasting"), or just about any service with buyers and sellers, our API can help you to increase market liquidity in your space, develop a strong ecosystem, and generate a global reach.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Reach suppliers for your buyers' needs anywhere in the world. You can expect your buyers to receive responses to any request, anywhere in the world, usually in less than an hour. We estimate that Intently gives you access to over 50 million suppliers.
  • Find new buyers for your existing supplier base. Applications in the Intention Economy can watch our site to find new buyer intentions. You can then tell your supplier base about these intentions, and help your suppliers to service them.

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