Frequently asked questions

If I create a request, who will it be sent to?

A typical request could be sent to between 5 and 60 relevant people and companies. No matter what your need is, we will find relevant people and companies who may be interested in responding. In addition, your request will be displayed on our website so it can be found by people via search engines and other applications.

You can use Intently to notify the following people of your needs:

  • Relevant people registered on Intently as suppliers
  • Relevant people found on the Internet
  • Your friends on Facebook

Intently works across all these channels and provides a single place for you to track the progress of your request and interact with potential suppliers.

And what's the typical the response rate?

Most requests are responded to wthin one hour, especially if the request is sent during waking/working hours. This statistic applies to any location worldwide - we are not reliant on a large user community in any location.

You can see response times for individual requests by clicking here.

Will you send me spam?

No, we have no intention whatsoever of sending spam to our users. However, Intently does use email to contact potential suppliers regarding requests and occasionally we will be less than perfect with our selection of potential suppliers. Therefore, in some circumstances a supplier may be surprised to receive an email from us and may feel that we have contacted them inappropriately.

Will you share my details with any other people or companies?

We will not share buyers' details with any other people or companies. Of course, we do display our sellers' details on our website as a way of showcasing their services.

What are the implications of an offer being accepted?

We like to think of an accepted offer as a "loose contract" between the two parties involved. At Intently our job is to connect people and companies for mutual benefit. However, we are not participating in these "loose contracts" in any way; we are merely brokering interactions between two parties.

We strongly recommend that before you accept an offer from another party, you thoroughly check out their credentials and make sure that they are capable of delivering what they say they will.

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