How does Intently work?

It starts with a request

When you create a request, we will find a range of people and businesses who may be interested in responding (this takes less than a minute). You then choose who to send the request to and when they respond, you can use our service to have a conversation with them, and ultimately "seal the deal".

And why would you want to do this? The main reason is that it saves you time by enabling your need to reach numerous interested parties with minimal effort from you. It also provides a single app which you can use to get any service.

Then it becomes a conversation

People who want to help you will reply to your request and you can have a conversation with them via email or video call.

If someone makes you an offer, you can choose to accept it or reject it, or you can keep the conversation going a while longer until you are sure about what you want to do.

As a buyer, you are anonymous (except for your visible name). However, there may come a point in the lifecycle of a request when you want to share personal information with a responder - you can do this but it is at your own risk. At any time, you can take your conversation "outside" the system and get in touch with your contact using other forms of communication. Our job is helping people and companies to find each other; what you do with your new-found contacts is up to you!

You can also share requests with your friends and colleagues, so you can collaborate on getting something done.

Does it cost?

Intently is free for buyers. For sellers, we charge a subscription to sell on our marketplace.

How does it work for me, as a supplier?

Two ways: as a registered user, or as an external user.

As a registered user, you can add your services, and then you will be notified when users are seeking services and expertise that match you. You will also have access to a little more functionality (including video calling) and insight into what's happening on Intently.

However, even if you don't register, our users may still contact you via our service if they feel that you can help them. In this situation, you are acting as an external user, and your conversations will happen via email rather than in the application itself. As far as a buyer is concerned, whether you are registered or not, they still get to interact with you in the same way as dealing with registered suppliers.

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