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Profile statuses only apply to service providers. If you are buying services on Intently, then the below does not apply to you.

Currently, your profile status is incomplete profile. Here is an explanation of all possible profile statuses:

Profile statusDescriptionProfile on listing pagesPosition on listing pagesGeographical reachEmails and instant messagingDedicated profile pageVideocallsBacklink typeCustomisable backlink text / target URLsSuggested action
Active You are paying a subscription Yes Top Global Yes Yes Yes FOLLOW Yes
Trialing You are participating in a free trial (or you may have paid your subscription via PayPal or some other means) Yes Top Global Yes Yes Yes FOLLOW Yes
Verified listing Before you signed up with us, we had already listed your website in our services directory, so basic access is free Yes Middle 30 miles Yes NOFOLLOW No Pay your subscription to access all features
Past due You were paying a subscription but the most recent payment has failed Update your card details
Canceled You were previously paying a subscription but it is now canceled Pay your subscription
Payment required You need to pay the subscription to access all of our product features Pay your subscription
Incomplete profile You have not completed the following key fields in your profile: Website, Company, About. Complete your profile