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Keep it personal

Intently is all about personal service - people talking to people.

We sometimes get situations where a buyer requests a service, and a supplier replies by simply telling the buyer to take a look at their website, with their website being a marketplace or directory. If the supplier "redirects" the buyer to their website in this way, then the buyer has to visit that website, sign up and go through the entire buying process again. This is not what Intently was built for.

When you communicate with a buyer, please do not simply redirect them to your marketplace or directory. If you know for a fact that the service requested is available on your website, then the seller from your website should be directed to Intently in order to communicate this directly with the buyer. You can do this by either telling your seller about the opportunity on Intently, or you can use our API to connect your website to Intently. The API approach will give a seamless experience to the buyer on Intently and the seller on your website.

Keep it legal

You must not offer to sell any illegal services or products, either in your profile or in communications to buyers. Any illegal activity will result in your profile (and all your communications) being destroyed without notice.

Keep it clean

Please ensure that your profile, video calls, images and messages do not contain content that could be considered offensive, lewd or beyond accepted standards of common decency. We reserve the right to delete accounts which contain content that we do not consider acceptable.

Win the work!

Please read this short list of dos and don'ts for more information about maximising your chances of winning work on Intently.

Thanks for reading!

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