ICE Cleaning Solutions

ICE Cleaning Solutions

ICE Cleaning is a leading provider of Domestic, Commercial & Industrial cleaning services in the UK. We specialise in a wide range of services, including but not limited to; Virus Containment, Mould Remediation, Coronavirus Decontamination, Graffiti Removal, Brick & Stone Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Factory Cleaning, Car Park Cleaning, Trauma Cleaning, Crime Scene Cleaning, Hoarder Cleaning, Fire Damage Cleaning and more. For over ten years we have served a vast array of customers in the commercial and residential sectors and pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading Industrial Cleaning Experts, (ICE).

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Cleaning Services Business
Cleaning Services Business
Car Park Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Mould Removal
Fire Damage Cleaning
Bird Dropping Removal
Smoke Damage Cleaning
Crime Scene Cleaning
Trauma Cleaning
Hoarder Cleaning
Flood Damage Cleaning
Graffiti Removal
Factory Cleaning
Industrial Floor Cleaning
Stone Cleaning
Brick Cleaning
Coronavirus Decontamination
Warehouse Cleaning
Sewage Cleaning
Street Cleaning

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