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Britain Loves Baking ™ takes all the fuss out of finding that perfect bread or cake recipe – and then the hassle of sourcing all the ingredients. We offer a selection of baking boxes created by our very own Baker Brothers, ranging from a ‘3 Recipe Tasting Box’ – ideal for those new to baking, to a chocalicious ‘Chocolate Taster Box’ crammed full of indulgent chocolate bakes. All our ingredients are of the very finest quality and the recipe instructions are easy to follow. So you don’t need to worry if you can’t tell the difference between folding, mixing and creaming!
From cookies to muffins to our utterly delicious Orange Chocolate bread, our range of specially created, tried and tested recipes, will help you to learn new baking skills whilst making mouth-watering goodies. We are regularly bringing out new recipes for you to enjoy and with the prices of our baking boxes starting at only £6.00, there has never been a better time to indulge your passion for baking. After all, nothing is quite so special as homemade baking created with love to impress friends and family.

Our mission is to make food that tastes amazing, easy to make and does good

Baking Boxes start at only £6 Big Boxes and there’s something for every baker from baking classics to fancy breads and more. When you open one of our Baking Boxes it’s like opening a veritable Pandora’s Box! We provide only the best for our bakers and our Baking Boxes are packed with beautifully hand prepared, additive free ingredients prepared and chosen by us, many of which you just can’t buy in the shops. Our cocoa powder is a real chocoholics dream. It’s just the chocolatiest of cocoa powders made from the finest African cacao beans using 24% cocoa butter/fat. And our dehydrated fruits smell as fresh as when they were plucked from the tree! It’s the love and care that we put into the ingredients in our Baking Boxes that makes them so special.

The Nations BBF Baking Best Friend

Made with the finest quality baking ingredients selected by its 3 founders who brothers, bakers and chefs. The aim of the range off real value and make baking accessible to everyone home bakers; From million who have taken up daily baking to those who have just learn to bake or experienced bakers who are looking for some inspiration or parents who want teach the next generation of young bakers. Currently the range is available on the Britain Loves Baking site and soon on other online grocery retails and in selected stores.


Our Baking Boxes provide enough bakes to feed the family and more for a month (although we can’t guarantee this as your bakes will be so yummy and moreish!), and we’re regularly creating new recipes and Baking Boxes for you to enjoy. We offer a no hassle service with NO commitment to a monthly subscription so that you can buy a new Baking Box whenever you’re feeling kitchen creative.

The new range of affordable kids baking boxes aim to teach children new baking skills in an exciting and interactive way.

-Today Britain Loves Baking, the nation’s baking best friend launches a fun new range of single recipe kids baking boxes. Each box contains everything Junior bakers need to create simple sweet treats from scratch.

Boxes are delivered directly to customers door or can be found in selected retails across the UK, making learning about baking easier for kids and more convenient for parents as kids can now bake what they want when they want, Each box has all the dry ingredients including replacing butter for healthier ambient Coconut Better or Rapeseed Oil. Everything had been measured and weighed out, so only the ingredient customers need is an egg.

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