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Dentalart and Medical Clinic has taken over the Medical Center of Rocha, which has experience in providing services of various medical and dental specialities since 2010. It is well located, in the center of Praia da Rocha. Our care for patients is throughout the process, from the appointment to the follow-up after treatments. We think of a warm and safe environment, as we follow the safety standards COVID-19.
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Dentist / Dentista

Dentistry is the area of ​​human health that studies and treats the stomatognathic system – it includes the face, neck and oral cavity, including bones, masticatory muscles, joints, teeth and tissue. Their optimum function, altogether, contribute to the patient’s oral health.

Oral health means the absence of stomatological disease, as well as the correct function, stability and even aesthetics of the entire stomatognathic system. It is now certain and known that oral health has serious implications for human health, the two being inseparable.
In addition to being related to the teeth, it is also closely linked to facial aesthetics. Our role is to propose aesthetic treatments that satisfy the patient in addition to returning oral health.

Areas of expertise:
Oral Surgery
Fixed and Removable Prosthesis

Doctor / Doctora

We aim at the diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases, studying the interactions between the various organs and systems and integrating the knowledge dispersed by the other specialties and subspecialties, allowing to approach the patient as a whole.
The responsible physician proceeds with a comprehensive approach to the case (requesting, when appropriate, a multidisciplinary line of action with the support of other specialties) and guides the clinical history, evolution, examination and treatments carried out, coordinating the situations in which the other medical specialties are involved in a treatment regime. Their generalist training and extensive experience in the hospital ward, emergency department, intensive and intermediate care units (including stroke units), allows the professional to take a holistic approach to the patient’s problems, drawing up a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic plan. It is also up to the internist to deal with situations of difficult diagnosis, and patients with multiple pathologies and / or with eminently systemic diseases (involving more than one organ or system of organs).

Psychology and Psychiatry

his specialty deals with the prevention, care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of different forms of mental suffering, be they organic or functional, with severe psychological manifestations. Examples are depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia and anxiety disorders. Physicians specializing in psychiatry are generally referred to as psychiatrists (until the mid-twentieth century the term alienists was also common). The main goal is relief from suffering and psychological well-being. For this, it is necessary a complete evaluation of the patient, with biological, psychological and cultural perspectives, among other similar ones. A disease or psychic problem can be treated with different medications or therapies, such as psychotherapy, a practice with a long tradition in the treatment.

Dermatology / Skin Care

The Dermatology and Venereology specialty incorporates the dermatological component that makes the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of skin diseases and situations related to hair and nails and the venereological component, which includes the study, treatment and investigation of diseases sexually transmitted.
It is a medical-surgical specialty, as it encompasses both the clinical approach and the surgical approach.

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Monday-Saturday 10:00-20:30

Services offered

Cosmetic Dentistry
Botox Treatment
Cosmetic Surgeon
Cosmetic Treatment Clinic
Facelift Surgery
Massage Therapy
Sports Massage Services
Acupuncture Services

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