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Artistic Created Websites

Artistic Created Websites

Artistic Created Websites

Are you in a website nightmare? Not getting anywhere or have had a bad experience and need a webmaster to help you get your website issues fixed? I know how you feel because you're not the only one I have helped. These days it seems to be more common than not. My ideal customer is one who is fed up with underperforming websites and broken promises. The truth of the matter is I don't make promises, I deal with the reality of the situation and analyze the problems and work with you to come up with a plan of attack. WordPress is a specialty and what I have used since 2003, so if you need someone who can tell you like it is then connect with me because I'm not going to make you any promises and/or guarantees until I see your situation and see if we can figure out a plan and put an end to your nightmare... Artistic Created Websites by artists for artists. What's Different About An Artistic Created Website? It's about helping all creative and artistic people and businesses to present their work in a way that is unique to them. Artists are not a typical small business or trade. Creatives artists are specialists at what you do and it takes a specialist to know what artists need especially when it comes to internet marketing.

Web Design For Artists & Creative Business

The bottom line is a website that doesn't perform these days makes it hard to get your work out there in the market that you need to be found in. Sure there are the "do it yourself" websites that you can join and upload your content to but those sites are flooded with thousands of other creative people and in order to found on those sites you have to pay a premium.

Beautiful, Custom Websites For Creative Business.

Creatives are a special breed and need to focus on their work. Most don't have the time or experience to build and manage a website not to mention all the techy stuff that goes with it.
That's where I come in. I am a life-long artist and webmaster of 20 years.
I know what's needed to get artists and a creative business in front of your audience and niche market.

Ok, So How Do We Get There?

Online Consultation
Through a live online chat, we'll have a chance to have a discussion about your new or existing website and create a budget to follow as a guideline. The advantage of this online consultation which can take up to an hour is with an online chat or virtual meeting is everything is transcribed or recorded. We each then have a copy of what was discussed. That way there is a record of what was discussed so as to not miss any details

A Good Portfolio Will Get You An Interview. A Good Website Will Get You A Job.

First of all a well designed, easy to navigate website is what’s important. Visitors want immediate results when hitting a website. A slow loading website will cause visitors to click off your site if it takes longer than three seconds to view your page.
Your portfolio page is about your work and should have the kind of content that visitors are looking for.

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