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Welcome to B-YOND Performance, your destination for optimising body and mind. Our mission is to enhance your everyday life with natural wellness products that improve health, cognitive performance, sleep, and recovery. Whether you're aiming for better wellness, health, or performance, our range of CBD, nootropics, and mushroom blends provide the perfect daily dose for body and mind optimisation. Join us and experience the benefits of our carefully crafted products, used by elite athletes and third-party tested for quality. Let's go B-YOND together!

B-yond Performance CBD Oils

B-YOND Performance offers a range of CBD oils aimed at enhancing sleep, recovery, and overall health:

CBD Night Spray Oil 1200mg: Designed to promote restful sleep and ease anxiety with a blend of CBD and Magnesium, ideal for use before bed​ (B-YOND Performance)​​ (B-YOND Performance)​.
CBD Multi Vitamin Oil 1200mg: Combines CBD with essential vitamins to support overall health and vitality​ ​.
CBD Regain Oil 1000mg: Aids in recovery and reduces inflammation, perfect for post-exercise use​ ​.
CBD Muscle & Joint Gel: Provides targeted relief for sore muscles and joints, suitable for athletes or those experiencing physical discomfort​ (B-YOND Performance)​​ (B-YOND Performance)​.
All products are vegan-friendly, made from natural ingredients, and third-party tested for quality. For more details, visit B-YOND Performance.

Mushroom Blends and Nootropics

B-YOND Performance offers a selection of nootropic and mushroom products aimed at enhancing cognitive performance, immunity, and overall wellness. Here are the key products:

Immunity Mushroom Blend Capsules:

Ingredients: Contains Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms.
Benefits: This blend supports immune function, regulates blood sugar, promotes energy levels, and supports cardiovascular health. It is designed to boost your body's natural defences and elevate your well-being.
Focus Mushroom Blend Capsules with Ashwagandha:

Ingredients: Includes Ashwagandha, Organic Gotu Kola, Reishi, and Turmeric.
Benefits: Formulated to enhance mental clarity, improve memory, relieve stress and anxiety, and provide antioxidant support. This blend helps maintain focus and balance throughout the day​ .
Vitality Adaptogen Blend Capsules with Matcha Green Tea:

Ingredients: Combines Matcha Green Tea with other adaptogens.
Benefits: Aims to boost vitality and overall energy levels by supporting the body’s ability to adapt to stress​​.
These products leverage the powerful properties of nootropic and adaptogenic mushrooms, which have been shown to aid cognitive function, reduce stress, and support immune health. The ingredients used are natural, vegan-friendly, and free from THC, ensuring a safe and effective addition to your daily wellness routine.

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