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SD Cabling Company

Cabling Company is a multidisciplinary Network Cable Installation company which does Ethernet and Fiber installations in the greater Cape Town area. Our experienced team will design and implement an affordable, yet future-proof network to meet the demands of modern day computing and communications in your home or office.

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Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00

Services offered

Network Cabling Services
Data Cabling
Structured Cabling
Fiber Optic Installations
Network Cable Installation
Access Control
Cctv Installation
Time & Attendance Installations
Network Design
It Computer Cabling
Cat5e Installation
Cat6 Installation
Cat7 Installation
Fiber Repairs
Fiber Splicing
Fiber Reticulation
Fiber Reticulation For Complexes
Fated Communities
Fiber Optic Cabling
Data And Voice Cabling

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