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Chichester College Group offers international students a variety of study programs in the UK, including English language courses, A-levels, vocational training, and higher education pathways. The group emphasizes personal development in a supportive learning environment and aims to equip students with essential skills for global citizenship. Their campuses provide a rich mix of academic and enrichment activities to foster a well-rounded educational experience. For more detailed information on their offerings, you can visit their website at

UK A Levels for International students

The A-Level courses at Chichester College Group are designed for international students aiming for university progression. These courses offer a comprehensive British education at both Chichester and Worthing Colleges. Students can select from various A-level subjects and typically study three subjects over two years. The colleges provide supportive environments with on-site accommodations and enrichment activities, preparing students for university and promoting global citizenship. For further details, you can visit the specific course page here.

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