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Colorado SEO Design provides completely customized Internet Marketing, Strategy & Website Development for small & medium sized businesses. Our local business services include SEO, PPC Management & CRO Strategies and Website Development.


We focus on providing all of our clients with a results driven approach that will never sacrifice future rankings for short term results. We utilize long term strategies to grow your search engine presence and we never look for tricks to game the system. Tricks are short lived and although they may have a short term benefit in the beginning, the tricks eventually will get a Google penalty and many months or years of ranking purgatory.

Website Development

We develop custom coded bespoke websites. We don't utilize a generic template or another designer's work. We will create a personalized site design that is appealing to both users and search engines. This approach will help your site to rank highly, attract visitors, and then convert those visitors into qualified leads. All sites include a full content management system that is easy to use and let's the user add content easily through the back end of the system. Training on how to utilize the system is also apart of the cost of your website.

PPC Management

In order to produce great results for your PPC campaign I focus on very targeted keywords, demographics and locations. I work closely with my clients to craft the best advertisement and build the most appealing landing page. Then we relentlessly track the success of the ad and the keywords to make sure you are getting a great return on your advertising dollars. On many occasions my clients start with PPC and then as they continue having success with the ads they re-invest the profits into the SEO and specific design elements of their website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is imperative to the ROI and overall monetary success of a website. In the end a website is only successful if it is creating qualified leads which contact the business in the form of an email, chat or phone call. Traffic isn't the end game for any website, the generation of qualified leads to your business is goal #1 of a business website.

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