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Sandton Debt Counselling is a top 10 debt review awards company based in Cape Town and with admin offices in Gauteng. We represent the Western Cape branch of the Debt Counsellors Association (DCASA) and have been in the industry, helping many consumers, for more that 11 years.

Founded on the principle that financial well-being is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, Sandton Debt Counselling was established to offer more than just debt review services. We are a beacon of hope for individuals and families across South Africa, who find themselves ensnared in the grip of unmanageable debt. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower our clients by transforming their financial turmoil into a foundation of financial literacy and independence.

What sets Sandton Debt Counselling apart is our personalized approach. We understand that each client's situation is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Our debt counsellors delve deep into your financial landscape, crafting tailored debt repayment plans that align with your specific circumstances and goals. This bespoke strategy ensures that while under our care, you not only work towards clearing your debt but also towards reclaiming your financial autonomy.


Debt Review

Debt review, also known as debt counselling, is a lifeline for those in South Africa drowning in debt. Imagine it as a financial flotation device, designed to keep you afloat when the seas of debt threaten to pull you under. Initiated under the National Credit Act, this process offers a structured way out for consumers overwhelmed by debt. By applying for debt review, you're essentially calling in a financial guardian angel, known as a debt counsellor, to negotiate lower payments and interest rates on your behalf. This counsellor acts as a mediator between you and your creditors, crafting a repayment plan that's not just manageable but also sustainable, ensuring you can meet your essential living expenses. It’s a journey towards financial rehabilitation, preventing creditors from snapping at your heels and giving you room to breathe and regain your financial footing. Plus, while under debt review, you're protected from legal action taken by creditors, making it a beacon of hope and a chance to reset your financial life, without the fear of losing everything to debt collectors. Remember, it’s about finding your way back to financial health, one step at a time.

Debt Counselling

Debt counselling with Sandton Debt Counselling is akin to navigating through a financial storm with a seasoned captain at the helm. Situated in the vibrant heart of South Africa's economic landscape, Sandton Debt Counselling offers a lifeline to those engulfed in the tumultuous waters of debt. This bespoke service is not just about managing debt; it's a holistic journey towards financial stability and independence.

The moment you step through our doors, you're greeted with more than just professional advice; you find a partnership rooted in empathy, respect, and a deep understanding of the challenges posed by debt. Our certified counsellors are not just experts in financial management and debt review; they are compassionate individuals who recognize the emotional weight carried by our clients. Each plan is meticulously tailored, recognizing that every individual's financial situation is as unique as their fingerprint.

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your financial situation, identifying all the currents pulling you into the depths of debt. From there, we negotiate directly with your creditors, aiming to lower monthly payments and interest rates, thereby crafting a repayment plan that is both feasible and sustainable. This not only prevents creditors from pursuing legal action but also shields you from the relentless pursuit of debt collectors.

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