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A Los Angeles-based personal injury law firm with over $30,000,000.00 in legal recoveries for victims of negligence throughout the state of California. If you suffered a dog bite, motorcycle wreck, death, cruise ship related injuries, or some other injustice, contact us for a free legal consultation. We make home and hospital visits as well!

Los Angeles Legal Assistance for Wrecks

Were you run over bya car or rear ended in Greater Los Angeles and need legal help? Look no further, a serious injury attorney at Ehline Law is here to take your important call, especially in cases of motorcycle wrecks and falls from a bike.

San Francisco Help

We help By Area victims with Trolley car injuries, falls from bicycles and elderly abuse. Learn more now.

San Bernardino Justice

Run over by a truck or bus in the Inland Empire? Give us a call and we can help you navigate all the medical and legal issues that are sure to arise. We can also help you bring government claims and lawsuits against foreign manufacturers of deadly products.

Torrance, California Accident Legal Help

Were you run over at a bus stop, or hit from the rear by a DUI driver in Torrance? Not to worry, Ehline Law will assist you with your legal woes and help you recover money damages against the negligent party. And what makes us different is that you are not just a file with us, you are also our fried.Call for free legal consultation now. Located at 3691 PCH Torrance, CA 90505. 424-999-PAIN.

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