Family Law Mediation

Family mediation is a conversation. It takes place between two people who have been in some form of relationship which is ending. Family mediation helps you make decisions for the future. It helps people focus on issues affecting both of you, for example child arrangements, property and finances, and what to do about it all now you are separated.

Our family mediators know communicating after a separation is tough. They are skilled at helping people work through issues they have to consider. These include emotional, practical, legal, financial and technical things.

The issues discussed in family mediation can include:

How assets will be divided.
What happens to the family home.
Where the children will spend time.
Support payments to be made.
Divorce mediation.
The agenda can be anything that you both agree to discuss and mediate.

If you face divorce or separation and don’t know which way to turn, our family mediation service can help. That’s because it can enable you to sort arrangements for children, property, finance and other important matters.

Our style of family meditation gives you time to express yourself. We understand this is a difficult time. Our mediators will not rush you to solutions, or push you to make a hasty agreement. Instead, they focus on ensuring the outcome is truly what both people believe is best in the circumstances.

Our mediators are fully qualified and trained in all aspects of family law and can help you resolve all the practical, legal, emotional and financial issues that arise from separation. They help families make long-lasting arrangements that benefit everyone in the family, especially the children.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (‘MIAM’).

This is an individual one-hour meeting and is a requirement before an application to court can be made.

Mediation meetings per person

Our minimum appointment time is 1 hour for each meeting.

Family Law Mediation recommends 1½ hours for your 1st Appointment for mediation about children and 2 hours for mediation about finances.

Preparation of Documents.

Child cases

Parenting Plan –prepared at the end of your case.

Financial cases
Open Statement of Financial Information – prepared after your first mediation appointment.

Memorandum of Understanding – prepared at the end of your case.

Child Consultation Package.

Mediation meeting with parents/carers in preparation for child meeting.

Meeting with child (or children).

Attendance at parents’/carers’ feedback mediation meeting

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Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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Family Law Mediation

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