French Tutors Hong Kong

French Tutors Hong Kong

French Tutors Hong Kong is committed to providing high-quality French education tailored to a variety of learning needs. Established in 2008 by native French teachers, the institution focuses on small group and private lessons to ensure interactive and efficient learning environments. Their approach is particularly exam-oriented, aiming to secure top results for their students in major French exams like IGCSE, IB, A-levels, and DELF, with over 90% of their students achieving top marks.

The school offers a broad range of courses for different age groups and skill levels. For children, courses are designed to be fun and interactive, using age-appropriate methods such as games and activities to maintain interest in the language. For teenagers, the courses are divided into those for beginners and those who have previous French education, with a strong focus on developing fluency and preparing for French exams. Adult courses cater to both casual learners and those needing French for professional reasons, structured around the European Common Framework of Languages to ensure systematic progress through the levels​.

French Tutors Hong Kong also prides itself on its team of experienced and qualified native French teachers, who are adept at crafting lessons tailored to individual or small group needs. This personalized approach is key to the school's high success rate in exam preparation and overall language acquisition​ .

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