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​Gengenie Research are Scottish genealogists who are specialists at the following:

Family History Research
For clients who would like to know more about their ancestry we offer several packages to cover what you are looking for. We specialize in Scottish research with local studies where appropriate and can research your family history over the whole of the United Kingdom.

Tree Printing
Clients who have researched their own family history and would like to turn their work into a Printed Family Tree can have this done with our own printer which prints up to 2 foot wide rolls so your chart will be in a single piece of continuous paper.

Searching for Missing Heirs to Estates
Beneficiaries to Estates do not always know that their relation has passed away or there may be a distant family member you may not know about. You may have been left something in a Will.

Missing Person Search
Whether you are searching for a family member, friend or someone who owes you money we have many resources to help trace your Missing Person.

Scottish Genealogy Research

Gengenie Research undertake Scottish Genealogy Research.We are experts in locating missing family members of estates using genealogy and research sources.

Heir Hunters

Gengenie Research is an Heir Hunting company or Heir Hunters. We are experts in locating missing family members of estates using genealogy and research sources. We then inform heirs of their entitlement to the estate in question.

Tracing your family Tree

Gengenie Research are professional Scottish genealogists who specialise in Scottish Family History Research.

Probate Genealogy

Gengenie Research is also offer their services as professional probate genealogists and provide a variety of Probate Genealogy services designed to help solicitors and members of the public in locating missing heirs and obtaining the information needed to contact the heir in question.

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