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GetSoapy is an all-in-one software solution designed to streamline operations and growth for local service businesses like window cleaners, gardeners, and gutter cleaners. Imagine this: no more chasing down payments - GetSoapy automates billing with features like direct debit and credit card processing and expense tracking. Need to keep your customers happy? GetSoapy's built-in customer portal fosters loyalty. Struggling to juggle appointments? Advanced scheduling tools help you plan work weeks efficiently. But GetSoapy goes beyond core features. They offer a marketplace to buy and sell leads, so you can optimise your workload and never miss an opportunity. Finally, they provide a free website with features like quote requests, a customer portal, and payment widgets, giving your business a professional online presence from the start. With GetSoapy, you can ditch the paperwork, focus on what you do best, and watch your local service business flourish.

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Small Business Solutions
Lead Generation
Job Management
Customer Management
Payment Solutions
Work Scheduling
Small Business Website Setup
Expenses Management
Small Business Management
App For Local Business Management



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