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You have a goal. We have a way to get you there.

We are a team of personal trainers, physiotherapists and strength coaches who specialise in weight loss, rehabilitation and high-performance training. We use science-based Improvement models to get excellent results, which are sustainable for the long-term. Contact us to book in for a free consultation.

Personal Training

Finding the right Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist for you and your goals can be tough.

Most of our clients come to us looking to lose weight, improve their strength or improve their performance for their favourite sport. Whatever your goal is, it’s important to not just focus on exercise but also assess and improve your nutrition, sleep, stress and your mindset.

Our clients have achieved efficient and sustainable results because we’ve been able to help them to find a long-term set of easy dietary habits based on improving body composition, health, and performance, specific to them and their lifestyle.


Getting injured isn't just frustrating, it can also be extremely debilitating. That's why we don’t just reduce pain and treat your injury — we do all we can to help make sure it doesn’t come back.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of our treatments with each and every patient, we put aside 60 minutes so that you can be assured that you've been listened to and received the best treatment available.

We are a Social Enterprise

We are the only Personal Training/Physiotherapy Social Enterprise in Scotland. When we're not treating patients and helping people achieve weight loss and performance goals we work with our dedicated stroke survivors to realise their post-stroke potential. Not only is this work extremely enjoyable, it's inspirational.

We regularly share the stories of our stroke survivors to help break down negative social stereotypes of post-stroke rehabilitation potential.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

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