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Replacement prescription Lenses

Lenses in Glasses are part of the Spectacles Direct group and was founded by David Syme in 2004. He has 30 years of experience in the optical industry. Lenses in Glasses offer a 5 star rated service of reglazing your glasses. Whether it is varifocal, bifocal or single glaze or premium lenses such as Zeiss, Nikon or Hoya, their experts offer the best quality and expertise directly to you. They have particular expertise in reglazing premium frames such as LINDBERG, Ray Ban, Prada and Tom Ford. Many high street opticians are reluctant to put new lenses into existing glasses but Lenses in Glasses offer this service a service and save them money in the process. A quick, secure and expert service from opticians you can trust.

Prescription Lenses Replacement

We can replace any prescription lens for your glasses such as single vision, bifocal or varifocal.

Premium Lenses

We can replace your glasses lenses with premium lenses such as Nikon, Hoya, Zeiss and Essilor

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