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We are a team of expert therapists and mentors. Listen Up Therapy provides a safe space to give you an outlet to voice and work through issues in your life and feel supported. It is designed for people who work in music, media, entertainment and beyond, and often work unsocial or irregular hours.

Listen Up Therapy focuses on three main areas:

1 - Professional psychotherapeutic counselling services

2 - Mentoring which is a combination of life coaching, therapeutic approaches and mindfulness.

3 - Meditation and mindfulness resources

Our practices are separate, and can be very complimentary. Meditation is not therapy, and therapy is not meditation. We offer these services to run parallel, or individually. You, the client, decide what is right for you.

Therapy, Mentoring and Meditation have been a powerful combination for us and we want to share this with others. These practices are invaluable for all areas of self-development and provide tools for your growth, working through life’s challenges.

Our Story

We each have our unique journey in life and our challenges to face and lessons to learn. There are many tools available to us along the way to aid and support this journey. We believe therapy is for everybody, it’s just about finding the right match for you.

Matthew and Belinda are examples of this. After each facing their own challenges they chose different paths to get them to a balanced place. These are the tools of psychotherapeutic counselling and meditation which are also extremely complimentary.

Matthew’s journey focused on psychotherapeutic counselling, with meditation playing a supporting role and Belinda mainly meditation with meditative philosophy and teachings providing a change in her mindset.

They realised that both therapy and meditation make a very solid combination in anyone’s life journey. Meditation provides us perspective, a stillness, a witnessing consciousness to view our patterns from. Counselling and psychotherapy provides a space to reflect upon life's situations and patterns and the opportunity for us to see our life and interactions with others in a new way.

Meditation can bring us to a still point, when life is rushing too fast to process. It can help us to centre and ground before a session and after a session to absorb the work that has been done during therapy.

Listen Up Therapy was born out of this realisation. It represents the importance of being heard by others, having a safe space to work through life, and also learning to listen t

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