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International Close Protection Bodyguards

Private Security Company providing international close protection services.

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100% independent private security company, stands firm in its commitment to provide clients with only the highest standards in personal protection . Provided with judicious logistical support, SSI security agents are not only trained in strict adherence to protocol, but also in the importance of an attentive, personal care towards clients that is often neglected by firms in this industry. There is not one label that fits as we are protection bodyguards, security consultants, unarmed guards, security escorts and private investigators performing throughout the entire World.

Security Services

Spetsnaz Security International proudly specializes in much unique security and protection service disciplines including Diplomatic Protection, Executive Protection, Family Protection, and Door supervisor Services.

High Standards

Spetsnaz Security International possesses two standards by which mission success is defined: 1) arriving at the end of a detail with zero safeties or security infractions and 2) exceeding our clients expectations in both the services that they have received, as well as in the integrity of our personnel. Regardless of whether you need a PI, personal protection services, celebrity protection, security guard services, or a security consultant you can rely on Spetsnaz Security International to handle your needs.

Our People

Our strength is our people and commitment to mission accomplishment. We believe that proactive protection, situational awareness, and technical expertise are important keys to meeting the needs of our clients in today's ever-changing world. Our strategic goals are to identify and understand threats, assess vulnerabilities, and determine potential negative impacts to our clients resources and assets. Through training, leadership, and adhering to a strict code of conduct, we offer an environment where our management and employees set the standard for provided security services.

Highly Experienced

Our extensive experience gained by providing solutions to contracting requirements is unsurpassed. Our team of professionals do it a daily exercise to practice both effectiveness and efficiency by taking commonly sense approaches to operational success. Our tried and proven procedures and techniques are designed to promote mission accomplishment through proactive and detailed planning, recruiting, hiring, training, and staffing for efficient, rapid, and sustained deployment.

Opening times

24/7, 365 days per year

Services offered

Close Protection Security Services
Alarm Monitoring Services
Cctv Monitoring Services
Cash In Transit Security Services
Construction Site Security Services
Corporate Security Services
Door Supervisor Security Services
Mobile Patrol Security Services
Private Detective
Retail Security Services
Security Guard Services
Vacant Property Security Services



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