Customer Experience reporting software

Our company is a world-leading innovator of customer experience reporting and customer experience analytics software. Syngro Eye, offers a range of customer analytics and reporting functions allowing for a more precise, flexible and real-time overview of the omnichannel data that flows throughout your business.

Customer Experience Software

Our customer experience software offers self-service reporting, analytics, and performance management providing the business intelligence to deliver winning customer experiences.

Customer Experience Consultancy

Maru/Syngro offer bespoke consulting, based on proven methodologies, to help maximise the success of your CX programme.

Customer Experience Reporting Support

We offer flexible CX reporting support, when and where you need it, ensuring you achieve the optimal user experience.

CX Analytics Software

Our customer analytics software is web-based so you and your team can access rich insights wherever you are which can be shared easily with key stakeholders.

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Customer Experience Software
Customer Experience
Cx Analytics Software

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