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At PTL, we offer the complete range of structural investigation, construction materials analysis including CBR Plate test, Ferro Scanning, DCP test and advisory services to the construction and engineering industries.

Perry Testing is a team of highly skilled, experienced engineers, who are dedicated to making sure that your project meets the required standards to be safe. To help you achieve this, we do the groundwork, quite literally. We offer the tests that make sure the ground you’re wanting to build on is safe and sound.

We can test existing concrete structures, so you can be sure that any additional work doesn’t damage services or reinforcements. This is a vital service for any construction or renovation project, helping you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.

All construction is required to adhere to certain standards for safety and reliability. So if you’re involved in the construction of new concrete structures or the refurbishment or adaptation of old ones, we offer the testing that can provide the assurance and certification needed to meet these standards.

Structural and Concrete Scanning

Every one of our engineers and technicians has at least 10 years' experience in structural investigation, scanning and materials testing.

Hilti Ferroscan Surveys

A ferroscan survey is used to detect and position rebar within reinforced concrete in much the same way as a covermeter survey.

Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete

Ultrasonic testing has changed the way both we and the wider industry attempt to locate defects within concrete structures.

CBR Testing - California Bearing Ratio

Designed to assess the load-bearing capabilities of roads, pavements, driveways

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  • Concrete scanning
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