Bird control services using avian control
Bird control services using avian control

Pest Free Solutions Ltd

Pest Free Solutions is a professional and efficient Pest Control Service and Bird Control Service Company with over 20 years’ of experience. Our fully qualified Pest Control Officers, offer a wide range of expertise and specialised services, in a discrete and timely manner to all types of commercial premises. These services provide reliable and legitimate solutions to pests that may be harmful to both Public Health and well-being, whilst adhering to legislation and complying with regulations.

Bird control services

With over 20 years’ experience, we understand the need to deliver not only highly effective pest control management but an ethical solution which nurtures the balance with the environment. Supporting commercial and residential clients across the UK, the team at Pest Free Solutions embrace every situation with the care and sensitivity needed to control a wide range of pests. Specialists in Bird Control Services, Environmental Solutions, Wildlife Solutions and of course Pest Solutions, we have a dedicated team who between them have a wealth of experience in all aspects of pest control.

Commercial pest control

Pest Free Solutions have a reputation for the highest service levels in ethical commercial pest control throughout the industry, working in all sectors from well known brands to small residential infestations. We’re cost-effective, have rapid response times and are backed by leading regulatory bodies. We really do know the world of pest control inside and out!
The legislation regarding public health issues for your business are constantly changing. To help ensure that you and your business comply with current regulation, we at Pest Free Solutions will offer you the latest information and advice your business needs. Failing to comply with these regulations may lead to serious issues including prosecution, lost revenue and serious damage to your business reputation.

Bird dropping removal

As a leading authority in the bird pest control industry, we can work with you to manage all your bird problems and that also includes the mess they leave behind too! Bird excrement or Guano is well known for its spread of disease as well as harbouring mites which can too become infected and pose further risk to humans and livestock. We take the threat to public health from bird excrement very seriously, which is why our experts are trained to handle and remove bird excrement appropriately to minimise the risk of contamination.

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