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PhysEd is a professional personal training studio in Salem, OR. We have been serving the Salem community for over 10 years, providing the very best experience and results. Regardless of your goals—weight loss, strength training, bodybuilding, CrossFit-style training, or general physical preparedness, or GPP, we have the experience and expertise to help you reach them.

At PhysEd we believe in intelligent, progressive and long-term programming with a specific goal or goals that guide its structure, arch and implementation.

If you’ve never worked with a Personal Trainer you might be a little hesitant to reach out and asking yourself, “Does it really make a difference? And if so, how?” Research shows that working with a professional trainer benefits clients in many ways:

Faster and better results. Having a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness routine will help make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise.
Proper fat loss and muscle gain.
Reduced chance of injury.
Establishes a lifetime exercise habit.
Overcome plateaus.

Individual Sessions

All of our sessions are 1 hour and include warm-up and mobility. A nutrition/diet option is available to all clients.

1 on 1 (Individual): If you’ve never trained in a private studio, you’ll enjoy the privacy and focus a studio offers. 1 on 1 training provides the greatest focus on reaching your fitness goals. With the increased focus you’ll find that you work harder and make more progress. The Individual session also allows us to focus on specific issues that might need to be addressed and gives us plenty of time to get the work done. If you’re working in a group or with a partner, that isn’t always a possibility. If you are rehabbing, or dealing with chronic issues that need specialized work, then 1 on 1 training is the right choice. $40/session

Partner Sessions

Partner (Semi-private): It’s proven that having a workout partner leads to increased exercise adherence, makes you work harder in the session, and can help you reach your long-term goals. I’m always expecting you to show up, of course, but when your partner is also depending on you, you’ll definitely make the session! Remember, 80 percent of success is showing up. Partners should be of equal or similar capabilities. If you or your partner needs more specialized programming, then Individual training is the better choice. $30/session/client

Small Group Sessions

Small Group (3-4 clients): If you know of a few others that also want to train, then the Small Group is a perfect option. The energy and fun created in the group is amazing and addictive. Lots of sweat but lots of laughter as well. And having people cheering you on in your workout helps you to push even harder. $100/month for 3 sessions a week

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We are open from 7 am until 7 pm

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