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Private Number Plates, DVLA Registrations & Personalised Number Plates - Did you know we are one of the UK's longest standing companies in the business of personalised registrations and have been trading for over 25 years? We have sold close to 250,000 cherished numbers in that time and are considered experts in our field. In fact we have genuinely sold some of the most expensive British car registrations ever sold. Whether you are buying or selling, your enquiry will receive the utmost attention from our experienced team.

Personalised Number Plates

Personalised Number Plates allow an individual to choose their own form of personalisation for their vehicle. Generally speaking when you buy a car or motorcycle or any vehicle for that matter, the registration numbers allocated by the DVLA will be non-descript and quite boring although it will be exclusive by virtue of the fact that everyone must display a different registration plate on their vehicle.

Cheap Private Number Plates

The cheap Number Plates available in our database are very popular for drivers of quality or prestigious motor cars who just want to hide the age of the car with a cheap private registration number. You may find your car is getting a little older yet it's in wonderful condition and so deserves a more attractive car registration to bring it back to life. Its also very popular with coach and haulage companies to buy blocks of consecutive registration numbers to hide the age of their buses and lorries.

Cherished Number Plates UK

Until the early 1990's, all number plates that were sold in the UK were classed as Cherished number plates. Car magazines and newspapers had "Cherished Number Plate" sections that were crammed with list after list of car registrations for sale. This only really changed when the DVLA became actively involved in the sale of prefix car registrations in October 1990 with the release of "H" registrations for sale. Prefix registrations had a letter at the front of the plate to signify when it was issued. it was the prefix registrations changed the entire cherished number industry forever.

DVLA Number Plates

We have over 45 million registrations on our DVLA number plate search system at the cheapest prices, Guaranteed. Search our database and view all of the combinations on the same page so that you can compare the look and prices at the same time, or call and ask for Katherine or Martyn who have over 35 years experience in finding the best options for you at the best price.

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